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A Portrait of Canada’s Parliament

By William McElligott
Edited by Lyette Fortin
Foreword by Adrienne Clarkson


A stunning visual exploration of Canada’s most recognized building accompanied by a comprehensive study of its history, in a coffee-table worthy volume.

The Centre Block, the iconic parliament building that has come to be Canada’s foremost representation, was closed in ... Read more


Photographs by Thaddeus Holownia
Text by John Leroux
Introduction by Hugh French

The first in-depth study of a community’s architecture along the eastern coast of Maine. Thaddeus Holownia took more than a thousand large-format photographs for this project, including interiors and exteriors of buildings, wider streetscape and landscape views, and a whole ... Read more


Photographs by Thaddeus Holownia
Text by Peter Sanger

In Ironworks, hand-forged iron and photography meld together to create a body of images honouring the simplicity and function of nineteenth-century blacksmith-made objects, many discovered at the locations where they had been cast aside. Together Holownia’s photographs and ... Read more

Linteaux de Paris

Photographs by Thaddeus Holownia
Text by Peter Edwards

Linteaux de Paris dévoile les qualités urbanistiques et l’élégance architecturale de la ville et de ses quartiers sous un angle inusité. Pour ces portraits horizontaux en deux tons, Thaddeus Holownia a braqué sa fidèle chambre photographique grand format sur des linteaux ... Read more

Lintels of Paris

Photographs by Thaddeus Holownia
Text by Peter Edwards

A CBC New Brunswick Book List Selection

Thaddeus Holownia’s Lintels of Paris provides a taste of the urban qualities of Paris, its quartiers, and its exquisite architectural details. Working with his trusted large-format banquet camera, Holownia has completed a series of horizontal ... Read more

Ned Pratt

By Mireille Eagan, Sarah Fillmore, Ray Cronin, and Jonathan Shaughnessy

The world in bold; Newfoundland in abstract.

"It is the landscape that endures, it is the landscape that remains in control. " — Ned Pratt

With Ned Pratt, there is no nostalgia, no romance, no theatre. His interest in the Newfoundland landscape forms the foundation for his ... Read more

Peter MacCallum

By Peter MacCallum

In this his newest book, Peter MacCallum has assembled collections of his documentary photographs of the last decade that examine the particularities of the vernacular spaces of human labour, commerce, and habitation.

Conceived as series, these documentary photographs juxtapose ... Read more

Tantramar Revisited, Revisited

Photographs by Thaddeus Holownia
Text by Tom Smart

In Tantramar Revisited, Revisited, Thaddeus Holownia returns repeatedly to record the landscapes and architecture of the Tantramar Marshes and Cumberland Basin. In the accompanying essay, Tom Smart examines how Holownia’s acute vision chronicles the relationships he observes, ... Read more