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Les Chroniques du Canal Lachine: Monk et le Joli Coeur

By Frédéric Latreille

Quelques semaines après la mort du père de Tom, ce dernier passe une soirée avec Oliver qui lui raconte sa vie alors que Tom prend des notes pour son prochain roman et réagis aux évènements de la vie d'Oliver. Monk et le Joli Coer est une histoire portant sur la recherche ... Read more

Like Rum-Drunk Angels

By Tyler Enfield

Winner, Spur Award for Best Traditional Novel and Robert Kroetsch City of Edmonton Book Prize
Longlisted, Leacock Award for Humour

Francis Blackstone is a fourteen-year-old gunslinger with a heart of gold.

He’s fallen for the governor's daughter and resolves to make his mark, ... Read more

Local Customs

By Audrey Thomas

Nominated for the 2016 Forest of Reading Evergreen Award
Nominated for the 2014 Victoria Book Prize

An Englishwoman’s mysterious death in 19th-century West Africa haunts those left behind.

Letitia Landon, "Letty" to her friends, is an intelligent, witty, successful writer, ... Read more

Max's Folly

By Bill Turpin

Max has been a freelance reporter dodging bullets in Latin America, a small-time newspaper editor who delights in infuriating his publisher and, finally, a flack for a communications company -- the elephant's graveyard for journalists. But none of this compares with the terrors ... Read more

On the Crow and Other Stories

By Robert A. Poirier

Robert Poirier reveals an exceptional skill at bringing to life the people with whom he lives and the land he inhabits and loves. In five stories and one novella, readers escape the city, live in the wilds, and experience the challenges of nature, including human nature, in ... Read more

Perilous Passage

By Arthur Mayse
Introduction by Susan Mayse

Drug-runners threaten the West Coast!

A semi-conscious man looks about a boat's cabin as a woman presses a wet cloth to his forehead. She's young, her nails are short, and her small hands are calloused. When another man tries to enter, she grabs a gun: "If you come down here, ... Read more


By Bruce Murray
Foreword by Anne Murray

A glimpse into the life of Acadian folk hero Pierre Belliveau, known as Piau, who led his people into exile during the 1755 expulsion of the Acadians.

Acadian leader Pierre Belliveau, known as Piau, led hundreds of Acadians into the wilderness to escape the Acadian Expulsion. ... Read more

Predators and Prey

By Gordon K. Jones

Trophy killing for sport? Trent Corbett finally had enough of seeing Facebook posts showing African big game hunters, their long range rifles in hand, kneeling proudly by their kill. The outraged comments below the photos were not enough. It was time for him to do something ... Read more