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Festival Man

By Geoff Berner

Maverick music manager Campbell Ouiniette makes a final destructive bid for glory at the Calgary Folk Festival.

Travel in the entertaining company of a man made of equal parts bullshit and inspiration, in what is ultimately a twisted panegyric to the power of strange music to ... Read more

Hooker & Brown

By Jerry Auld

Shortlisted for the 2009 Boardman Tasker Prize for Mountain Literature

Set in the Canadian Rockies, Hooker & Brown is an evocative adventure story about one man’s quest to put to rest a historical mystery. While reading a history book of the area, Rumi—a trail crewman in the ... Read more

Immortal Water

By Brian Van Norman

Immortal Water is an extraordinary tale of the Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon and a retired history teacher, Ross Porter. In parallel, interlaced plots both men suffer life altering crises. As age steals away their powers they obsess in a quixotic search for the mythical ... Read more

Incident at Willow Creek

By Don Hunter

After her mother's death, Liz Thomas inherits the key to a bank lockbox containing the official government documents of Camp 10, a prisoner-of-war camp located in the sleepy town of Willow Creek, AB during World War II. As Liz desperately attempts to piece together reports on ... Read more

Ivory Black

By Brian Duren

In 2005, after four months in hospitals, Dick Rayburn returns home with a limp, a disfigured face, and pain. Around tense conversations between him and his wife, Valerie, concerning their absent son, Jamie, the narrative weaves memories triggered by objects in the house. An ... Read more

La Chance des Irlandais

By Frédéric Latreille

"La Chance des Irlandais," est le premier volume d'une série qui s'intitule "Les Chroniques du Canal Lachine. " Ce roman suit les tribulations d'Eamon Jovanovski, un artiste en herbe de descendance irlandaise, qui se lie d'amitié à l'âge de seize ans avec un certain Tom ... Read more

Last Hummingbird West of Chile

By Nicholas Ruddock



An audacious tale of murder, privilege, and servitude - of both humans and nature.


A stunning work of imaginative fiction, Last Hummingbird West of Chile spins a tale of adventure that is in turn comedic, violent, poignant and ... Read more

Les Chroniques du Canal Lachine: La Loi de Murphy

By Frédéric Latreille

La Loi de Murphy, le deuxième épisode des Chroniques du Canal Lachine, suit Tom Murphy essayant de faire face aux évènements tragiques du précédent roman ainsi qu'à sa nouvelle renommée en tant qu'écrivain. Ce dernier tente de se débarrasser de ses tendances autodestructrices ... Read more