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Heart's Hydrography

By Sally Ito

In her fourth book of poetry, Sally Ito traverses the complex channels and tributaries of a heart mapped by the ineffable pull of family and faith. In Ito's careful hands, this same heart becomes ocean and cathedral, a hallowed space in which poetic organ-song crystalizes into ... Read more


By Kathleen S. Schmitt

What happens when an upper middle-class but politically unsophisticated young mother leaves the mental health care home where she has lived for four years and travels from West Vancouver to the small, fictional Central American country of Ixcheltlán to rescue her eleven-year-old ... Read more

Seeking the Sacred

By Romeo Dallaire, Thomas Moore, Martin Rutte, Stephen Lewis, and Marion Woodman


In a world permeated by religious strife, renewed interest in issues of faith necessitates a journey beyond the orthodox institutions many have come to mistrust. This new brand of “seeker” is looking for an open and safe environment in which to discuss unique interpretations ... Read more


By Brenda Missen

On a warm August evening, Brenda Missen, a 37-year-old single, unattached writer, pitches her tent beside a lake in Canada's 7,600 square-kilometre [3,000 square-mile] Algonquin Provincial Park. She is on a four-night "reconnaissance mission," an hour's paddle from the parking ... Read more