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All the Animals on Earth

By Mark Sampson

HR manager Hector Thompson is sure of two things: he hates change and science fiction. But then lurid green streamers fill the sky from an escaped experiment and birds and animals begin to change and grow. It's an apocalypse. Or is it? Now detail-oriented pigeons are project ... Read more

An Exile's Perfect Letter

By Larry Mathews

Sixty-two-year-old English professor Hugh Norman is getting ready to retire and just going through the motions. He’s detached, irreverent, and quite pleased with himself. But then he learns of a long-lost friend’s ... Read more

Best of the Bonnet, The

By Andrew Unger

Since its debut, the internet's most trusted source for Mennonite satire has drawn the attention of everyone from the Canadian Prairies to the high-rises of New York, keeping readers laughing with hundreds of hysterical headlines and tongue-in-cheek editorials where (almost) ... Read more

Call Me Stan

By K.R. Wilson

Long-listed for the 2022 Leacock Medal for Humour

When King Priam's pregnant daughter was fleeing the sack of Troy, Stan was there. When Jesus of Nazareth was beaten and crucified, Stan was there - one cross over. Stan has been a Hittite warrior, a Roman legionnaire, a mercenary ... Read more

Fatboy Fall Down

By Rabindranath Maharaj


Winner of the 2019 Foreword Indies Silver Medal for Literary Fiction

“Heavy yet rewarding, Maharaj's novel is a reminder that resilience takes many forms — and that most exceed our naming. ” — Kirkus Reviews

A heartrending novel about one man’s search for meaning ... Read more

From Howdy Modi to Modi ki Godi

Every morning Anand and Kabir start work in a run-down tea stall in a poor Delhi neighborhood. Winter, summer, rain or shine. It's the same day in and day out. The shop owner, Sharmaji, is a good man. It is out of kindness that he employs the two boys. He knows Anand is a Dalit ... Read more

No Escape from Greatness

By Jeffrey John Eyamie

Fame can be fickle. Nobody knows that better than overnight sensation Gabriel Pegg . . . you know, Port-o-Potty Guy . . . from Erratic Automatic. Remember him? He went from the penthouse to the outhouse, and now Gabriel is persona non grata in the entertainment biz. Broke, behind ... Read more

Searching for Petronius Totem

By Peter Unwin

A quirky, comical and provocative novel? complete with robotic flying chickens.

Following a dramatic break-up with his long-suffering wife, Jack Vesoovian retreats to a Hamilton rooming house, where he impulsively decides to take to the road to track down his life-long colleague, ... Read more