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By Pam Clark

Swept up in a whirlwind courtship, Katja and Wasyl begin life anew in a Ukrainian settlement of Western Canada. The dusty Canadian prairies promise hope and independence, but when war breaks out between the old world and the new, their newfound stability is shattered. Rumours ... Read more

Ruby Red Skies

By Taslim Burkowicz


Ruby used to be a fiery, sexy, musical genius. But when she got pregnant as a teenager in the 90s, her life took a turn into banality. Now a middle-aged Indo-Canadian woman, she feels unseen and unheard by her white husband and struggles to communicate with her mixed-race ... Read more

Wild Red Love

By Pierre Chatillon
Translated by Kathe Roth

An old house painter learns that he probably has an incurable disease. While the doctors try to save his life, the old man, who has never ventured beyond his small town, dreams of going to spend his final days living intensely in a sunny Florida that is transfigured by his feverish ... Read more