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After the Error

By Susan B. McIver & Robin Wyndham


Medical errors kill 24,000 Canadians each year, adversely affect hundreds of thousands, and cost close to two billion dollars. Victims of medical errors and their families who speak out often do so at considerable emotional, psychological, and financial expense. But their ... Read more

Born to Walk

By Dan Rubinstein
Foreword by Kevin Patterson


The case for getting back on our feet — now in paperback

The humble act of putting one foot in front of the other transcends age, geography, culture, and class and is one of the most economical and environmentally responsible modes of transit. Yet with our modern fixation ... Read more

Broken Wing, Fallen Sky

By Fran Muir

In Broken Wing, Falling Sky Fran Muir gives us a moving memoir of her mother and a portrait of a complicated mother-daughter relationship in which much was left unspoken. After undergoing a general anaesthetic for a mastectomy, Fran's mother, Jean, develops problems with short-term ... Read more

Forbidden Knowledge

By Terence H. Young

Terence Young exposes the pharmaceutical industry secrets and cultural myths that thwart our safe use of prescription drugs. … Everyone should read it before their next visit to a doctor. — DR. NANCY OLIVIERI, MD, physician and professor
When it comes to drug safety, Big ... Read more

Operating Room Confidential

By Paul Whang


Go behind the scenes of the OR in this “fact-filled, poignant, and funny” account by an anesthesiologist (Booklist)

What really happens in the operating room of a hospital? Is real life just like ER, Grey’s Anatomy, or House?

Even patients who’ve spent time in the operating ... Read more

Quack Quack

By Dr. Joe Schwarcz


Let the one and only Dr. Joe battle pseudoscience and cast a life preserver out to all those drowning in a sea of misinformation

“Ultimately, the author successfully demonstrates how claims should be queried and analyzed before they are accepted. ” — Library Journal

We ... Read more

The Healthy Barmaid

By Dr. W. Gifford-Jones

Located at the heart of London’s teaching hospitals, The Red Lion pub is the regular haunt of the area’s most distinguished medical professors. For years, they have been stopping in for a pint, and to talk over the day’s medical issues with Ida, the pub’s remarkably ... Read more

Your Guide to the Perfect Smile

By Edward S. Philips D.D.S.
Foreword by Gerard J. Chiche D.D.S.
Afterword by Mark Breslin

Your Guide to the Perfect Smile is a visual feast that celebrates the beauty of the human smile and shows you how you can work with your dentist to find your perfect smile. The book is equal parts dentistry and fashion, explaining the design principles behind beauty in general ... Read more