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Let’s Go Exploring

By Michael Hingston


A fascinating investigation of a beloved comic strip

The internet is home to impassioned debates on just about everything, but there’s one thing that’s universally beloved: Bill Watterson’s comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. Until its retirement in 1995 after a ten-year run, ... Read more

London: 150 Cultural Moments

By Jason Dickson & Vanessa Brown

London has long been a centre of government, law, and industry for South-western Ontario, but the Forest City has also been centre-stage to many other national and international cultural happenings. Music fans might have heard about Johnny Cash's famous proposal to June Carter ... Read more


By Daphne B.
Translated by Alex Manley
Read by Nathalie Toriel


A nuanced, feminist, and deeply personal take on beauty culture and YouTube consumerism, in the tradition of Maggie Nelson’s Bluets

As Daphné B. obsessively watches YouTube makeup tutorials and haunts Sephora’s website, she’s increasingly troubled by the ways in which ... Read more

Most Dramatic Ever

By Suzannah Showler


The right reasons to fall in love with The Bachelor

When it debuted in 2002, The Bachelor raised the stakes of first-wave reality television, offering the ultimate prize: true love. Since then, thrice yearly, dozens of camera-ready young-and-eligibles have vied for affection ... Read more

On Nostalgia

By David Berry
Read by Adam Daniel Mezei


From Mad Men to MAGA: how nostalgia came to be and why we are so eager to indulge it.

From movies to politics, social media posts to the targeted ads between them, nostalgia is one of the most potent forces of our era. On Nostalgia is a panoramic cultural history of nostalgia, ... Read more


By Tom Smart

Tom Smart's Palookaville: Seth and the Art of Graphic Autobiography examines the construction self-identity and the wafer-thin distinction between fiction and autobiography in Canadian cartoonist Seth's Palookaville series of graphic novels.


By Robert Enright

In these thirty-two informed and considered interviews, the most influential artists of our time travel through memory and imagination to consider and discuss their lives, their art, and their place in the world. Robert Enright takes us into the environments, both imaginative ... Read more


By Brenda Sciberras

A star shines bright, fades and even dies. When it is gone we have the memory of the warmth and light it bathed us in. Williams, Cash, Cohen, Bowie, Marx, Kong and more weave their way throughout Brenda Sciberras' new collection of poems, Starland. Within its pages is a deep ... Read more