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Michael Moore

By Emily Schultz

Michael Moore's life story, from shy Eagle Scout to vocal critic of the Bush presidency, is told in this biography. In-depth research and interviews sort lies from truth and reveal both the passionate and cranky sides of this bestselling author and Academy Award-winning filmmaker. ... Read more

Mischief in High Places

By Ted Rowe

Mischief in High Places examines the spectacular career and personal life of the man who, in 1919, became the first elected prime minister of Newfoundland.

The political successes of Sir Richard Squires' career are overshadowed by a legacy of scandal and deceit that paved the ... Read more

Pierre Elliott Trudeau

By Kevin J. Christiano


Pierre Trudeau is one of the most fascinating figures to emerge from Canada in the twentieth century. This book plots the course of Trudeau’s remarkable life: a lively narrative follows the youthful Trudeau from a privileged upbringing in Montreal. It describes his education ... Read more

Rebel Without Borders

Preface by Jean-Christophe Rufin
With François Bugingo
Translated by Charles Phillips

A biting and fascinating review of humanitarian aid, this account of volunteer life working for Doctors Without Borders illuminates the logistics of building camps for refugees and delivering clean water to towns amid the violence, abuse, and injustice in developing countries.From ... Read more

Stephen Harper

By Lloyd Mackey

Any look at Stephen Harper and the new Conservative party requires an examination of the evangelical Christian legacy coming out of both the Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative parties. In Stephen Harper: The Case for Collaborative Governance, award-winning journalist ... Read more


By James Doyle

Celebrates Margaret Fulton`s lifelong commitment to positive change and her role as an important catalyst in the ongoing process of social transformation.

Where To from Here

By Bill Morneau
With John Lawrence Reynolds


Bill Morneau’s experience as Canada’s finance minister crystalized his vision for the country’s potential for growth and prosperity. Where To from Here looks backward with coolness and candor and forward with a fresh vision of all that Canada can — and must — become. ... Read more