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Childhood Thoughts and Water

By John McDonald

"Childhood Thoughts and Water" is a collection of Beat Poetry, Spoken Word, Performance Art and Lyrical Verse. This is a work which journeys into the memories and events of an Urban Indigenous warrior's struggles to reconnect with a language and culture that is seemingly always ... Read more

Civil and Civic

By Jonathan Bennett


“As accomplished as Jonathan Bennett is at using language, he’s never fussy or precious about it. With his exacting, contemporary voice, part colourful reporter, part reluctant witness, his lines gain their effect by serving experience in the most necessary way possible, ... Read more

Clinic Day

By Diana Fitzgerald Bryden

The early car's mine.
I leave before the day
puts hardware on;
ride east all the way.

I leave before the day
abandons slow calm.
Ride east all the way,
and now a storm

abandons slow calm.
We pass the bridge
and now a storm
has torn the sky's edge.

-- from Open Letter ... Read more

Clinic Day

By Diana Fitzgerald Bryden

Diana Fitzgerald Bryden's second book of poetry, Clinic Day, (choreo)graphs the experiences and thoughts and feelings of three characters (The Secretary, The Surgeon, and a wanderer named -- not inaptly -- Blake), who perform a pas de trois of yearning and loss and occasional ... Read more

Closer to Home

By Derk Wynand

These flies on a white table burst
into shafts of light and touch down
again, sun-stricken,
the oil of their bodies breaking
light into all its parts.

Not yet song, their buzzing proves
less than noise, maybe more,
horizon note or beginnings
of pattern.

It suits me to ... Read more


By Nisha Patel

In her debut collection, Canadian National Slam Champion Nisha Patel commands her formidable insight and youthful, engaged voice to relay experiences of racism, sexuality, empowerment, grief, and love. These are vitally political, feminist poems for young women of colour, with ... Read more


By Chantal Neveu
Translated by Angela Carr

In Coit, minimalist traces of language cling to a series of mapped channels. Every channel is a tenuous archive of choreographed gestures recorded by the poet from the edges of dance stages. Here, spaces hold words and words hold movement. A book marked by inexhaustible passages, ... Read more

Collected Works of Pat Lowther, The

Edited by Christine Wiesenthal
By Pat Lowther

The Collected Works of Pat Lowther brings together, for the first time, the complete contents of the poetry editions published by Pat Lowther. All currently out-of-print, these works are supplemented by never-before-collected and unpublished works, including the fifteen poems ... Read more