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This is How It is

By Sharon King-Campbell

Illuminating, poised, and wholly original, the poems of Sharon King-Campbell’s This Is How It Is range across the planet from New Zealand to Thailand to Newfoundland, gathering along the way voices both historical and mythological in a compelling display of dramatic empathy ... Read more

To the Men Who Write Goodbye Letters

By Gianna Patriarca

The poems in The Men Who Write Good-bye Letters explore and make sense of the choices made when we "end" things, or when things end without our permission, whether it be the end of a life, the end of a romance, or the result of an unexpected tragedy. These poems are a poet's ... Read more

Tsi Niió:re Tenkarakhwaráhseke (Mohawk Edition)

By Janet Rogers
Translated by Jeremy Green

"Tsi Niió:re Enkarakhoténhseke" is the first ever poetry book in the Mohawk language published in Canada. The poems creatively reveal the beautiful and bitter essences of the world from a distinctive Indigenous female voice. Inspired by her recent global travels, experiences, ... Read more

Vancouver Walking

By Meredith Quartermain

Journey along Vancouver’s city streets, past its landmarks, through the sounds and smells of Chinatown. Ramble along the seawall on English Bay, ride the curving streets to Kitsilano on a winter afternoon, and experience the vibrant sights and sounds of the city’s history ... Read more


By David Dowker & Christine Stewart

Virtualis: Topologies of the Unreal is a poetic investigation of melancholia and the baroque. As a collaborative reading of writers such as Walter Benjamin, Christine Buci-Glucksmann, Giorgio Agamben, Gilles Deleuze, Charles Baudelaire and Arthur Rimbaud, David Dowker and Christine ... Read more

We Are Not Avatars

By John Barton

In We Are Not the Avatars, renowned poet and editor John Barton collects his most provocative essays, public lectures, and reviews produced over the past twenty-five years. Though Canadians still have some way to go, Barton began publishing in an era much less attentive to queer ... Read more

What the Poets Are Doing

Edited by Rob Taylor

In 2002, Nightwood published Where the Words Come From: Canadian Poets in Conversation, a successful first-of-its-kind collection of interviews with literary luminaries like Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, Margaret Avison, Patrick Lane, Lorna Crozier and P. K. Page, conducted ... Read more