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Anatomy of Keys, The

By Steven Price

A tour de force, a book-length poem, embracing a wide variety of poetic and prose forms, to tell the story of Harry Houdini.

Steven Price's Houdini knows better than most the limitations of life, having bent the efforts of a lifetime to transcending them, and having failed. ... Read more

Angel and the Bear

By Brian Charlton

A pinball wizard stars in this urban romance, set where the blues meet jazz in London, Ontario's historic York Hotel.

Animal Husbandry Today

By Jamie Sharpe


An accessible and illuminating debut collection that explores the arranged marriage of the bestial and humane

Logic is strained, existence contracts and multiplies, connections amputate then graft in incongruous ways in Jamie Sharpe’s poems, which, like a funhouse mirror, ... Read more

Annihilated Time

By Jeff Derksen

Reading against the grain of global ideological flows, Derksen demonstrates how borders, identities, national literatures, urban territories, built space and the spaces of culture and politics have not simply been eroded by globalization, but how the traditional identity-determined ... Read more


By Helen Humphreys

Winner of the 2000 Canadian Authors Association Award for Poetry and shortlisted for the 2000 Pat Lowther Award and the 2001 Milton Acorn Memorial People’s Poetry PrizePhysical and fiercely lyric, Helen Humphreys' Anthem is a litany of want. A song of poverty and of desire, ... Read more


By Bill Kennedy & Darren Wershler-Henry


you are entirely happy with your poem / you are not happy then there is no charge and your deposit is returned / you are totally satisfied with the outcome / you are a man / you are a little confused / you are entirely happy with your poem / you are not happy then there is ... Read more


By Mia Anderson

Verve, energy, wit, piquance and pure linguistic excitement: Mia Anderson's poetry is a whole cookbook of poetic experiences. Anderson is always ready to take big risks, and her work shows her love of life in its manyness and accident, as well as a delight in the intricate prism ... Read more

Après Satie

By Dean Steadman

Poems that echo Satie's haunting music and refract the ironies of the Parisian Dada movement.


A man who might be Erik Satie floats, à la Magritte, above Paris rooftops, thinking of a newly-extinct species of songbirds, "contemplating grief in the absence of song. " By turns ... Read more