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Aesthetics Lesson

By Christopher Doda

Ranging in form from elegy to satire to metaphysics to blues, Christopher Doda's latest book, Aesthetics Lesson, is an exciting meditation on art and power. His poems investigate the Ôunnamed cities of light' created by the artist, reflecting and dissecting how the creative ... Read more


By John Reibetanz

Afloat, John Reibetanz's eighth collection of poetry, focuses on water in many manifestations. The centerpiece, a sequence on the Three Gorges Dam and its cultural and environmental implications, brings ancient Chinese sources (Meng Chiao and the painter Dong Yuan) together ... Read more

Against the Flight of Spring

By Allan Briesmaster

Through a dazzling variety of poetic forms and styles, this book restlessly explores such themes as identity, personal growth, love and friendship, Canadian landscape, climate change, visual art, and the roots of poetry itself, in moods of anxious and impassioned questioning, ... Read more

Aging Cheerleader's Alphabet, The

By Jeanette Lynes

In The Aging Cheerleader's Alphabet, Lynes has crafted a moving portrait of a woman whose humour and chutzpah challenge a world that sees her as a relic of another age. Part nostalgia, part cultural critique with respect to women's experience of aging, Lynes' Cheerleader does ... Read more

Akia: The Other Side

By Norma Dunning

In this poetry collection, the author honours Inuit who lay in the past, and Inuit who are with us now and most importantly the Inuit who are waiting to come to us. The author believes it is not okay that Inuit children and adults died and were buried in unmarked graves, their ... Read more

All the Names Between

By Julia McCarthy

Poems that form an eloquent, searching contemplation of “the warp and weft of being and nonbeing. ”

All the Names Between is Nova Scotia poet Julia McCarthy’s meditative and crackling-with-dark-energy third collection. From her observation of “long-horned beetles. .. ... Read more

All These StarsÉ And Me With No Bucket

By Holly Nelson

Holly Nelson's skill as a storyteller is presented clearly and unmistakably in her poetry. Travelling through her manuscript, we encounter old women, young mothers, dogs and dragonflies, as her verse invites us to rediscover the preciousness of our humanity. A prairie blizzard ... Read more