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Of Love

By Paul Bélanger
Translated by Judith Cowan

With echoes of Jacques Brault, Simone Weil, Baudelaire and Petrarch, in Of Love, Paul Bélanger continues his poetic quest for the sources of spiritual ecstasy. In this "body of song," the quest includes a series of distinct women as representatives of the Muse: an exciting ... Read more


By Angela Hibbs

In some ways more of a glimpse-by-glimpse autobiography than a verse collection, the poems of Passport feel like a vivid, bumpy trek out of Newfoundland, by bus, boat, and ferry, into the very heart of Canada.

Born into a Island family, haunted by a cruel, redeeming, widow-making ... Read more

Pastels are Pretty Much the Polar Opposite of Chalk

By Nathaniel G. Moore

Pastels Are Pretty Much The Polar Opposite Of Chalk is about the syntax of distinction, unlikely comparison and the colorful drama that comes with choosing between actions, people and things. Scenarios of rupture are set in malls, bedrooms, tawdry boardwalks, train stations ... Read more

Poems for Ingrid

By Don Brestler

These are true love poems from the heart, simple, guileless, sorrowful.

Practical Anxiety

By Heidi Greco

These poems dwell in the hearth of domesticity, but they look beyond the confines of the home with clear eyes. Boldly unafraid, they confront the realities of climate change, the desecration of habitat, some quiet truths about aging and death. There is no doubt that these are ... Read more

Rabbit Punch HC

By Greg Santos

In Greg Santos's Rabbit Punch!, Marco Polo reminisces on his friendship with Kublai Khan over deli sandwiches, Wilfred Owen and Ernest Hemingway trade war stories at Hooters, and Senator John McCain remembers that fateful day when his father took him to eat bubble gum ice cream. ... Read more

Radiant Shards

By Ruth Panofsky

This long, narrative poem, Radiant Shards: Hoda's North End Poems, traces the sacrifice and suffering of devoted but destitute parents, Russian immigrants who are acutely affected by the Depression and struggle relentlessly to survive in Winnipeg. More importantly, with its ... Read more

Radius of Light

By Joshua Auerbach

The compacted lyrics of Radius of Light use the tension between uneasy City and restorative Nature to spark your deeper imagination. Joshua Auerbach’s first full length collection leaves you wide-eyed, even dazzled, enjoying poems whose subjects range from odd tattoos, pacing ... Read more