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By SD Holman

Butch: Not Like the Other Girls is a photographic exploration of the liminal spaces occupied by female masculinity in contemporary communities. Its first incarnation exhibited as a public art project in transit shelters around Vancouver in March-April 2013, with a simultaneous ... Read more

Chicago Folk

By Raeburn Flerlage


Chicago Folk includes over 150 of Raeburn Flerlages’s photographs of folk musicians during the 1960s. No other book has presented a portrait of such a vibrant urban folk milieu, featuring popular performers such as Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, the Weavers, and so many ... Read more

Ontario Wildlife Photography

By Noah Cole

This stunning collection of wildlife photography features moose, turtles, dragonflies, shorebirds, hawks, and songbirds from the marshlands of Point Pelee to the wilderness north of Lake Superior.

Explore parks and trails where colourful birds and turtles live. Behold wetlands ... Read more

Sara Angelucci: Undergrowth / Brousailles

By (artist) Sara Angelucci
By Shannon Anderson
With Bénédicte Ramade, Demetra Christakos, Fides Krucker, and Kim Fahner


For more than 20 years, Toronto photo-based artist Sara Angelucci has transformed found photographs and created images exposing the cultural and historical conditions outside the image frame. Her work brings attention to the social forces that generate the language of photography. ... Read more

The Orillia Spirit

By Randy Richmond
Foreword by James A. "Pete" McGarvey

2017 Orillia Museum of Art & History Award, Historical Publications and/or Research — Winner
The history of Orillia, told through the stories of its people, bringing to life the community’s heritage and significance.
The Orillia Spirit:

  • Muddling through Canada’s first, ... Read more