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Something Unremembered

By Della Dennis

One would hardly think an outlying college town on the prairies would be the place a woman from the 15th century would choose to reveal her story, but when Janine begins to discover the story of Madeleine of Beauvais interpolated in the pages of her beloved books about the history ... Read more

Somewhat Absurd, Somehow Existential

By JJ Steinfeld

Through these far-reaching and searching poems, J. J. Steinfeld’s work continues to not only orbit a multitude of realities and multifaceted worlds, but to interrogate various aspects of being, whether they appear as the worldly or the otherworldly, the ordinary or the extraordinary, ... Read more

South China Sea

By Ken Norris

South China Sea is a poet's autobiography. Forgoing the props of conventional narrative, the book travels through space and time, revealing the moments in a life that anchor reality and constitute memory. In poems that compel us to remember and to re-evaluate our own personal ... Read more

Story of My Face, The

By Kathy Page

Natalie Baron is a neglected teenager adrift in the world when she attaches herself to Barbara Hern and her family, followers of Envallism, an extreme Protestant sect. Their new relationship fulfills unmet needs for both women—and leads to a devastating series of events that ... Read more

Strange September of Levi Pepperfield, The

By Matthew Manera

This is the story of Levi Pepperfield, who tries to navigate his future as a retired English professor while indulging in the sorrow of lost possibilities that define his past. It's about the intersection of parallel worlds, of age and youth, of teacher and student, of man and ... Read more


By Simon Brousseau
Translated by Pablo Strauss

Formally inventive, Simon Brousseau’s Synapses orchestrates a series of beautifully crafted literary snapshots, each involving a different character, eloquently presented using a sole, twisting and turning, stylistically accomplished sentence written in the second-person singular. ... Read more

The Full Light of Day

By Daniel Brooks

Daniel Brooks’s The Full Light of Day is a modern epic tragedy, a timely exploration of crumbling privilege and power, beautifully told and innovative in form. Mary’s family finds itself in serious difficulty, and some bad decisions lead to disaster. Mary soon falls ill, ... Read more

The Sanguinaires

By Gabriel Verveniotis

The Sanguinaires, Or What I Hate Most About Everything deals with death, depression, anxiety and the perpetual paranoia that plagues a fringe minority of diagnosed Sanguinaires, who find themselves resistant to their meds and violently in need of talking about the Event. Was ... Read more