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The Wondrous Woo

By Carrianne Leung

Finalist for the 2014 Toronto Book Awards. The Wondrous Woo tells the story of Miramar Woo who is the quintessential Chinese girl: nice, quiet, and reserved. The eldest of the three Woo children, Miramar is ever the obedient sister and daughter . .. on the outside. On the inside, ... Read more

This Will Only Take a Minute

Edited by Bruce Meyer & Michael Mirolla

Brevity is the soul of wit, as William Shakespeare wrote in one of his longer plays, Hamlet. Flash Fiction, brief stories, have become one of the most exciting sub-genres of contemporary fiction. In This Will Only Take a Minute: Canadian Flash Fiction, Guernica Editions features ... Read more

To Me You Seem Giant

By Greg Rhyno

It's 1994 and Pete Curtis is pretty much done with Thunder Bay, Ontario. He's graduating high school and playing drums in a band that's ready to hit the road. Even though his parents, teachers, and new girlfriend seem a little underwhelmed, Pete knows he's on the verge of indie ... Read more

Two White Queens and the One-Eyed Jack

By Heidi von Palleske

“How the characters in this story are interconnected is a marvel of storytelling. ” — JOHN IRVING
Fate, circumstance, and the symbolism of sight collide in this modern gothic novel.

On a hot June day in 1965, two six-year-old boys, Gareth and Jack, compete to see who can ... Read more