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Help! I’m Alive

By Gurjinder Basran


A powerfully emotional story of four people touched by a teen’s death, award-winning author Gurjinder Basran’s Help! I’m Alive is a clear-eyed exploration of meaningful connection in the modern era

After video footage of Jay’s death is shared on social media, a suburban ... Read more

Here I Am!

By Pauline Holdstock

A 49th Shelf Editors’ Pick

MyMum said sometimes refugees don’t eat anything for days and days. Sometimes weeks and months so I am really lucky. I think she exaggerates. But I think she is right about the lucky bit. Or maybe not. Sometimes I forget that MyMum is dead. But ... Read more

Jade Is a Twisted Green

By Tanya Turton

For readers of Queenie and Honey Girl, a coming-of-age story about queer Black identity, love, passion, chosen family, and rediscovering life’s pleasures after loss.

Jade Brown, a twenty-four-year-old first-generation Jamaican woman living in Toronto, must find a way to pick ... Read more

Jesus on the Dashboard

By Lisa Murphy-Lamb

Teenage years can be complicated, even when you haven't been abandoned by your mother at age ten. It is the 1980s and teenage Gemma lives with her well-meaning father, Nathaniel, goes to 'art therapy' once a week and tries to come to terms with growing up motherless. She collects ... Read more

Last Half of the Year, The

By Paul Rowe

Jason Dade, quixotic hero of this 1970s coming-of-age novel, is on a quest. He must decipher cryptic signs on his journey to meet an elusive figure known only as The Man. His father, Saul Dade, broods restlessly at hope, helpless to intervene. Their interwoven narratives include ... Read more

Living Dolls and Other Women

By S. Montana Katz

In our era of #MeToo and fresh attempts to break the gender biased holds on our culture, a portrait of gender bias in the art world offers a microcosm of the pervasive challenges to achieving equality. Living Dolls and Other Women provides a fictionalized account of that world ... Read more


By Wendi Stewart

Winner of the Cover Design Award and Shortlisted for the Fiction Trade Book of the Year Award at the 2016 Alberta Book Publishing Awards!
Shortlisted for the Second Annual Kobo Emerging Writer Prize -- Literary Fiction!

When her family's car goes through the ice on Rainy Lake ... Read more

Métis Beach

By Claudine Bourbonnais
Translated by Jacob Homel

In America, not believing in God is anti-American, isn’t it?

At fifty years of age, Roman Carr, whose real name is Romain Carrier, has made it. His television series In Gad We Trust, a scathing satire of the United States and its relationship with God, is a huge hit. He is ... Read more