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Anatomy of an Injury

By Myna Wallin

Bringing together the themes of death, of gender and sexuality, the poet creates a speaker whose language and experience, linked from poem to poem, reflects the true complexity of a woman's perspective. Death is a prevalent theme; anxiety, fear and paranoia simmer throughout ... Read more

Any Waking Morning

By Mary Lou Soutar-Hynes

The poems in Any Waking Morning probe deeply into love, loss, and life's darker dilemmas. They seek pathways and meaning, interrogate endings and life changes, and tap the creative energy engendered through art's ekphrastic cycles. While foregrounding the influence of contemporary ... Read more

buckled into the sky

By Adele Graf

Why do we travel the world to discover where home really is? Even if we find it in the place we started from, is it ever really the same? In buckled into the sky, Adele Graf routes our search for home through ancestors in their own country and family who settled abroad.  

Yet ... Read more

Drawing Daybreak

By Maria Caltabiano

Maria Caltabiano’s poems are the result of years of ponderings and musings about life after losing her husband to cancer. They paint moments that clung to her and begged expression. Most try to work through the sadness and introspection that accompanies loss and mourning. ... Read more

Every Shameless Ray

By Leslie Timmins

". ..powerful and evocative. ..will test the elasticity of readers' minds and imaginations. "--Ormsby Review

The capacity of the world to signal and illuminate, restore and repair, fuels the poems in Every Shameless Ray. Emotionally acute, intellectually intriguing, and playful ... Read more

Festival of All Souls

By Jean Eng

Festival of All Souls explores the experience of an Asian woman born in Canada. Although neither fully rooted in one or the other, the influence of two different cultures allows heritage, gender and values to nonetheless, enrich a personal vision. The title refers to an Asian ... Read more

Gold Pours

By Aurore Gatwenzi

In this debut collection by emerging poet Aurore Gatwenzi, a stunning new voice emerges as she shares the experience of being young and Black in northern Ontario. Gold Pours is a collection of poems that talk about God, identity, heartbreak and passion. Gatwenzi's honest approach ... Read more

Goodbye Horses

By Nathaniel G. Moore

My mind is threadbare
on your subject, Lesbia, ruined

by our ignoble encounters,
the power of your devotion.

I can't wish you a good day,

though you are good,
and if you were not so,
I'd still want you.

In Goodbye Horses, Nathaniel G. Moore reanimates the lion's share of Catullus' ... Read more