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Still Me

By Jeffrey John Eyamie

Golf is the only way I know to control time. It happens in the millisecond of that focused backswing, right before the violence of intention.

When I escape time, I escape memory. In that way, golf is an alchemy. A magick. I am a practicing magician.

When James Khoury discovers ... Read more

Strange September of Levi Pepperfield, The

By Matthew Manera

This is the story of Levi Pepperfield, who tries to navigate his future as a retired English professor while indulging in the sorrow of lost possibilities that define his past. It's about the intersection of parallel worlds, of age and youth, of teacher and student, of man and ... Read more


By Dan K. Woo

In twelve spare, fable-like short stories Dan K. Woo introduces us to a fascinating cast of characters from different regions of China. From rural villages to bustling cities, Woo deftly charts the paths of young people searching for love, meaning and happiness in a country ... Read more


By Claudio Gaudio

A diplomat is captured by supposed insurgents and is waiting in a room for his execution. Texas is a provocative story of death against the backdrop of ugly and uncompromising politics. It is also a meditation on empire, imperialism and American hegemony. The writing borrows ... Read more

The Allspice Bath

By Sonia Saikaley

Winner of the 2020 International Book Award for Multicultural Fiction; Winner of the 2020 Ippy Gold Medal for Multicultural Fiction.

It is 1970. The evergreens are thick with snow despite it being the month of April. In an Ottawa hospital, another daughter is born to the Azar ... Read more

The Figgs

By Ali Bryan

Finalist for the Leacock Medal for Humour

Meet the Figgs. June, the family's matriarch, looks forward to a quiet retirement ? if only she can get her three adult children to finally, finally, move out of the house. But her dreams are shattered when her son Derek unexpectedly ... Read more

The Girl Who Was Born That Way

By Gail Benick

The Girl Who Was Born That Way is the story of the Berk family, not exactly an ordinary Jewish family, trying to bury its Holocaust past while starting over in post-war USA. The novel centers on the dynamics between the family’s four daughters, the two oldest girls who grew ... Read more

The Heart Begins Here

By Jacqueline Dumas

Finalist for the 2019 Golden Crown Literary Society Awards for General Fiction

The Heart Begins Here is the story of the ever-optimistic, earnest Sara Requier and her disintegrating seven-year relationship with the cynical Wanda Wysoka. Along with her relationship struggles, ... Read more