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Outside People and Other Stories

By Mariam Pirbhai

Winner of the 2018 IPPY Gold Medal for Multicultural Fiction; WInner of the 2019 American BookFest Best Book Awards for Fiction-Short Story; 2019 International Book Awards & Best Book Awards Finalist

A Haitian woman survives the ravages of an earthquake only to find her sister, ... Read more


By Mark Fishman

Lake City has a lot of heavy weather, and it’s not just in the air. Eduardo “Vince” Negron has a regular table at a bar-restaurant in Pigsville called El Perro Negro, from where he runs El Manojo, a motley assortment of hoodlums. Negron is minor league, but across town ... Read more

Pretend to Feel

By Richard Rosenbaum

A naïve and unbalanced teenage girl with claims of extraterrestrial origins only wants two things in the whole world--family and fame--but she can't help getting entangled in the lives of the eccentric and troubled humans she meets along the way: Alisen Eden, a pill-popping, ... Read more


By Matt Cahill

Dead bodies are being found in Toronto; bodies that have been altered in disturbing ways. There are whispers on the streets of a murderer stalking the bars and clubs. No one knows who the killer could be. Maybe it’s Kris, a troubled musician who has just reached a level of ... Read more

Radium Girl

By Sofi Papamarko

Radium Girl is a collection full of dark wonder where Papamarko explores the boundaries of love, death, loneliness and justice. In these stories, we are introduced to a cast of unforgettable characters: Margie and Lu, teenaged conjoined twins; Rosie who cruises funerals; Pete ... Read more

Rockets Versus Gravity

By Richard Scarsbrook

A National Post Bestseller!
A multi-faceted story that explores how small actions and changes can give rise to startling and unintended consequences.

Trajectory. Declination. Impact. Escape Velocity. These are rocketry terms that could also describe aspects of the human experience. ... Read more

Ruby Red Skies

By Taslim Burkowicz


Ruby used to be a fiery, sexy, musical genius. But when she got pregnant as a teenager in the 90s, her life took a turn into banality. Now a middle-aged Indo-Canadian woman, she feels unseen and unheard by her white husband and struggles to communicate with her mixed-race ... Read more

Secret Life of Roberta Greaves, The

By Ann Birch

Renowned classics professor Roberta Greaves finds her perfect life shattered by her husband's suicide and the huge gambling debts he has left behind. Grief-stricken and angry, Roberta must find a way to pay those debts. Remembering a particularly racy story from Ovid's Metamorphosis ... Read more