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Long White Sickness, The

By Cecilia Frey

On a remote lonely mountain, Constance skis toward her death and Harry Weinstein loses himself in an avalanche. Meanwhile, back in the city, Gully Jillson is the suspect in the investigation of a murder that has taken place in Constance's high-rise condo. The collision of this ... Read more

Losing Shepherd

By Paul Headrick

Canadian literary star Gordon Bridge is delighted with his celebrity, his famiy, and his bond with fellow writer Taylor Shepherd, whom he has been friends with since they were teenagers. Bridge publishes a highly critical review of Shepherd's much-lauded new novel, showing off ... Read more

Lovers Fall Back to Earth

By Cecelia Frey

Finalist for 2019 International Book Awards for Literary Fiction

)Lovers Fall Back to Earth is a human drama about three sisters, the men they marry, and the repercussions in their lives when disaster strikes. The sisters fall in love while they are at university and the three ... Read more


By Kathleen S. Schmitt

What happens when an upper middle-class but politically unsophisticated young mother leaves the mental health care home where she has lived for four years and travels from West Vancouver to the small, fictional Central American country of Ixcheltlán to rescue her eleven-year-old ... Read more

Manhattan Meltdown

By Frank Lentricchia

Two men, no longer young, and friends from childhood, fly to NYC—each with a secret purpose unknown to the other. They arrive just as COVID-19 explodes across the city’s 5 boroughs. One of the men (white) has come to Manhattan to confront a theater producer who has made ... Read more

Meet You There

By Jessica Wallace

Robin Kent doesn't understand how everyone around her, including her husband, is so certain of everything. The only explanation is that they're all following the same Guidebook--a copy of which Robin has yet to receive. When a co-worker at her call centre reveals his secret, ... Read more

Memory's Shadow

By Gail Benick

In the tumultuous 1970s while women, African Americans, and the gay and lesbian communities march for equality, three sisters wrestle with the legacy of their family's Holocaust past. Memory's Shadow is a compelling story of sisterly conflict and loyalty, the broader politics ... Read more

Métis Beach

By Claudine Bourbonnais
Translated by Jacob Homel

In America, not believing in God is anti-American, isn’t it?

At fifty years of age, Roman Carr, whose real name is Romain Carrier, has made it. His television series In Gad We Trust, a scathing satire of the United States and its relationship with God, is a huge hit. He is ... Read more