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By Daniel Anders
Edited by Ellah Wakatama Allfrey

Honouring strong new voices from around the world, the 2014 Commonwealth Short Story Prize is a global award, open to unpublished as well as published writers, with a truly international judging panel. This global anthology presents the winner of the 2014 Short Story Prize, ... Read more

In the Belly of the Horse

By Eliana Tobias

Second Place Winner, 2017 International Latino Book Awards (Best Latino Focused Fiction Book - English); Finalist for the 2018 Latino Books Into Movies Awards (Drama)

In the Belly of the Horse is a gripping story illuminating an historic period in the life of a Peruvian family ... Read more

Jackfish, The Vanishing Village

By Sarah Felix Burns

Jackfish, The Vanishing Village tells the story of a woman unravelling from a traumatic past and her yearning for redemption. When her sister dies prematurely, Clemance-Marie Nadeau leaves her family and village behind, boarding a train bound for Sault Ste. Marie, where she ... Read more

Jesus on the Dashboard

By Lisa Murphy-Lamb

Teenage years can be complicated, even when you haven't been abandoned by your mother at age ten. It is the 1980s and teenage Gemma lives with her well-meaning father, Nathaniel, goes to 'art therapy' once a week and tries to come to terms with growing up motherless. She collects ... Read more


By Dorothy Ellen Palmer

Welcome to Blakkat Theatre, home of the improv comedy troupe Kerfuffle!

Please permit us to introduce our Cast of Players:

NELLIE WOLFE: age 28, recent orphan, pregnant disabled avenger and sword thief

ANDY MCLEAN: age 21, redhead, devoted bike rider and aspiring Anarchist

CONSTANZIA ... Read more

Long White Sickness, The

By Cecilia Frey

On a remote lonely mountain, Constance skis toward her death and Harry Weinstein loses himself in an avalanche. Meanwhile, back in the city, Gully Jillson is the suspect in the investigation of a murder that has taken place in Constance's high-rise condo. The collision of this ... Read more

Love in the Age of Confusion

By Byron Ayanoglu

Byron Ayanoglu's Love In The Age Of Confusion is a sexy romp packed with mouth-watering descriptions of food, endless supplies of ouzo, gags, and absurd collisions. In this fictional début by the well-known food-writer, pure laine Quebec locks horns with moneyed Westmount when ... Read more

Lovers Fall Back to Earth

By Cecelia Frey

Finalist for 2019 International Book Awards for Literary Fiction

)Lovers Fall Back to Earth is a human drama about three sisters, the men they marry, and the repercussions in their lives when disaster strikes. The sisters fall in love while they are at university and the three ... Read more