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By Vivian Zenari

Gilda Peterborough has always worried about her twin, but when Pete deletes his Facebook page, she goes to red alert. Meanwhile, Pete and Gilda?s mother Beth frets about both of her twins, neither of whom seem to be thriving. When Pete abruptly decides to move away from Edmonton ... Read more

Don't Ask

By Gina Roitman

Posing the question: who packed the baggage we carry from birth?

Don’t Ask poses the question: who packed the suitcase we carry from birth? In this literary thriller, a woman agonizes over her mother’s suicide and is thrown into turmoil over her attraction to a German. Hannah ... Read more

Easily Fooled

By H Nigel Thomas

Less than an hour after Millington receives his permanent resident visa, he wonders if his husband Jay would now end their marriage. And Jay has multiple reasons to. Millington is an ex-Methodist minister, who once believed he could be celibate. When he fled Caribbean Methodism ... Read more

Everything Turns Away

By Michelle Berry

On September 11, 2001, the world changed. For Sophie and Paul, it started with a disastrous dinner party. For the babysitter, it started with waking in a dark kitchen and recognizing the smell of blood. For others, it started with a plane flying into the World Trade Center. ... Read more

Fatboy Fall Down

By Rabindranath Maharaj


Winner of the 2019 Foreword Indies Silver Medal for Literary Fiction

“Heavy yet rewarding, Maharaj's novel is a reminder that resilience takes many forms — and that most exceed our naming. ” — Kirkus Reviews

A heartrending novel about one man’s search for meaning ... Read more

Flame Out

By Michael Delisle
Translated by Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo

A portrait of a violent father and an homage to poetry.

When Michael Delisle was a boy growing up in Montreal’s South Shore neighbourhood of Ville Jacques-Cartier, his "uncles" – in other words, his father's friends – never said "gun" but rather "piece" or "rod" or more ... Read more

Fugue in Green

By Brenda Clews

Brenda Clews's compelling book of poetry, Fugue in Green, is a gothic fairy tale in the tradition of Marie-Claire Blais' Mad Shadows and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, with a monster, abuse and ghosts haunting the stanzas. Two teens struggle with their psychotic mother as they ... Read more

Girl Minus X

By Anne Stone

As the world around them collapses under the weight of a slow, creeping virus that erodes memory, fifteen-year-old Dany and her five-year-old sister are on the edge of their own personal apocalypse – fearing separation at the hands of child services. When a dangerous new strain ... Read more