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A Forgotten Hero

By Shelley Emling


The true story of Folke Bernadotte’s heroic rescue of 30,000 prisoners during WWII

In one of the most amazing rescues of WWII, the Swedish head of the Red Cross rescued more than 30,000 people from concentration camps in the last three months of the war. Folke Bernadotte ... Read more

A Sudden Sky

By Ulrikka S. Gernes
Translated by Patrick Friesen

A Sudden Sky is a book of northern poems with crystalline images and lines, fragile graceful poems that speak of fragments, of the moment between open and closed eyes, of the human need for embrace. These poems note the spaces between things -- always a gap, a failed connection, ... Read more


By Beryl Young

The story of the 100,000 British children who came to Canada as child immigrants between 1870 and 1938 is not well known. Yet the descendants of these "Home Children" number over four million people in Canada today. The author is one of them. Charlie was her father.


By Glen Huser

Firebird explores a period in our history - one year in particular (1915–1916) - when a massive number of newcomers were deemed “enemy aliens,” arrested and put into internment camps set up all across Canada. Alex Kaminsky, a fourteen-year-old Ukrainian immigrant boy, ... Read more

Meditations on Georges de La Tour

By Paal-Helge Haugen
Translated by Roger Greenwald

Paal-Helge Haugen's Meditasjonar over Georges de La Tour (Meditations on Georges de La Tour) was published in Norwegian in 1990, won the Norwegian Critics' Prize, and was a finalist for the Nordic Council's Literature Prize. The book consists of a series of thirty-four poems ... Read more

Sisters of the Wolf

By Patricia Miller-Schroeder

Can two Ice Age teens separated from their tribes overcome their differences to outwit their pursuer and survive the unforgiving wilds?

The climate is changing, game is disappearing, and two peoples of the Ice Age compete for survival in a savage world. Keena, from a powerful ... Read more

Tainted Amber

By Gabriele Goldstone

It's 1937, and Katya-working as a servant girl on a Trakehner horse estate in East Prussia-dreams of being a writer. One hot June day, with Thomas Mann as her muse, and Minna Epstein as her friend, Katya heads to Rauschen, a spa town on the Baltic. Helmut and David, the estate ... Read more

The Girl of Newgate Prison

By David Starr

A young reader novel about Libby, who is thrown into Newgate Prison in the early years of the 19th century and is sentenced to hang. In this young reader novel set at the beginning of the 19th century, Libby is placed in chains and transported to London's notorious Newgate Prison ... Read more