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Carbon Change

By Dennis McConaghy

An investigation into the scale and costs of transitioning our energy systems to achieve net-zero emissions.
Canada and the rest of the developed world have committed to decarbonizing basic energy systems, but do this country’s citizens and governments truly understand the ... Read more

Health Care and Politics

By David Levine

Drawing on forty years running many Canadian health care institutions, David Levine shares his experience on how to manage in this very complex environment. His career includes implementing one of the first Local Community Health Centres (CLSCs) in Montreal in the 1970s, involvement ... Read more

Still Hopeful

By Maude Barlow


“Canada’s best-known voice of dissent. ” — CBC

“It’s time we listened to the Maude Barlows of the world. ” — CNN

In this timely book, Barlow counters the prevailing atmosphere of pessimism that surrounds us and offers lessons of hope that she has learned from ... Read more

The Environmentalist's Dilemma

By Arno Kopecky


Honorable Award Mention, The Rachel Carson Environment Book Award

“Timely and relevant, this offers plenty to think about. ” — Publishers Weekly

From the winner of the 2014 Edna Staebler Award comes a lively, intelligent and nuanced discussion of climate change — a hopeful ... Read more

Veiled Sun, The

By Paul Schaffer
Translated by Vivian Felsen
Introduction by Simone Veil

The Veiled Sun is a Holocaust memoir written in a highly literate style. Paul Schaffer spent his teenage years on the run from the Nazis in Austria, Belgium and France, and then in Auschwitz from 1942 to 1945. He survived to become a successful industrialist who was honoured ... Read more

Whose Water Is It, Anyway?

By Maude Barlow


“Maude Barlow is one of our planet’s greatest water defenders. ” — Naomi Klein, bestselling author of This Changes Everything and The Shock Doctrine

“This book is a blueprint for communities around the world to take back that responsibility and maintain water as a ... Read more