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A Desolate Splendor

By John Jantunen


A chilling portrait of a family fighting to preserve their humanity in a cruel and merciless world

The collapse of civilization has left the survivors scattered amongst a few settlements along the wilderness fringe of a land ravaged by war. Preyed upon by roving bands of sadistic ... Read more

A Tidy Armageddon

By BH Panhuyzen


The world is transformed into what looks like a massive warehouse overnight, and the results is a suspenseful and action-rich tale as humanity is forced to face the scale of its consumption

The world is utterly transformed: every product of human creation has been organized ... Read more


By Rabindranath Maharaj

A man awakens with no memory in a strange, rundown institution. Struggling to make sense of his surroundings, he begins to piece together the story of his life from clues someone has left for him – drawings that line the walls of his room and fragments of letters hidden in ... Read more

All Creatures Weird and Dangerous

By Timm Otterson

An improbable journey through the world of strange and mysterious creatures.

All Creatures Weird and Dangerous describes the author’s experiences as a veterinarian drawn by chance to care for a variety of cryptozoological creatures. As a practicing veterinarian, the author ... Read more


By Harold Johnson

Eighty years have passed since flash floods, droughts, and tornadoes have ravaged the North American landscape and mass migrations to the north have led to decade-long wars. In the thriving city of La Ronge, George Taylor and Lenore Hanson are lawyers who rarely interact with ... Read more

Death Valley

By Susan Perly

Love is complicated. It’s 2006 and Vivienne Pink, a photojournalist with an eye for war, is flying to Las Vegas to capture images of servicemen deploying for combat in Iraq. Together with her novelist husband and their housemate, an intelligence operative, Vivienne plans a ... Read more

Everything You Dream is Real

By Lisa de Nikolits

Eleven years after a world war destroyed the consumer-driven, plastic-based existence of 2055, a new order of players jostles for power. Streaky electricity, ravaging drought, a scarcity of food, and deadly Monarch butterflies make for an increasingly desperate situation.

Worlds ... Read more

Fatalists, The

By Patrick Blennerhassett

Cell: no service. Email: down. Internet: off. TV: nothing. Radio: static. Communication: minimal. Chaos: unstoppable. Press Any Key to Start. PR hack Tristan Schultz is buried deep in the endless code of Millennial life, slogging away for a major pharmaceutical company in Seattle. ... Read more