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Burning We Will Die, A

By Betty Guenette

Nurses traditionally care for bodies; they don't find murdered ones. Erin Rine, a gutsy, thirty-year-old nurse, inadvertently steps into murder when she trips over her patient's body. With her headstrong Aries personality, a black belt in taekwondo, and only fearing the unpredictable ... Read more

Cover Art

By Vanessa Westermann

Cover Art by Vanessa Westermann has all the hallmarks of a great summer read. ” — I’ve Read This
Charley Scott is thrilled to be running a summer pop-up gallery in cottage country. Returning to the lakeside village, not on vacation but as an artist, she’s determined ... Read more

Dark Divide, The

By D.K. Stone

Waterton is a town with dark secrets, and after a summer of murder and mayhem, American ex-pat, Rich Evans, knows exactly how far people will go to hide them. Jobless after the fiery destruction of the hotel he once managed, Rich is charged with arson. Only one person, local ... Read more

Killer Match, A

By Joan Donaldson-Yarmey

Jenna Hamilton is a dating coach and the co-owner of a bookstore, with Adam Owens, in the Net Loft on Granville Island in Vancouver. When her best friend, hairdresser Hillary, is a bystander in a car crash that kills her co-worker Bruno, Jenna is there to provide emotional support. ... Read more

Lake Crescent

By J.J. Dupuis

A TV documentary crew explores murky waters in search of legendary lake monster Cressie, only to dredge up a body instead.

Laura Reagan, host of the cryptozoological documentary series Creature X, and her team are in Newfoundland shooting an episode about Cressie, a legendary ... Read more

Memories are Murder

By Lou Allin

Belle Palmers old high-school boyfriend rents a property on her road. Zoologist Gary Myers is studying the behaviour of elk in the wilderness. , but soon he is found drowned. Did he fall and hit his head, or did a more sinister event occur? Meanwhile, someone has broken into ... Read more


By Michael Blair

Just when Vancouver commercial photographer Tom McCall thought he’d got his life back on track, a complete stranger shows up dead on the roof deck of his floating home. No one seems to know who he is, he has no ID, and there’s not a mark on him. If that isn’t bad enough, ... Read more

Six Ostriches

By Philipp Schott


“A charming mystery. ” — Publishers Weekly on book one in the Dr. Bannerman Vet Mystery series

It’s springtime in rural Manitoba, and the snow has finally left the exotic animal farm when an ostrich finds and swallows a shiny object. (Because this is what ostriches ... Read more