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Beautiful Lie the Dead

By Barbara Fradkin

Inspector Green explores a web of betrayal and deceit. In the dead of night, the phone rings in the missing persons unit of the Ottawa Police. A brutal blizzard is howling, and a wealthy social activist has not heard from his fiance in over twenty-four hours. Friends, family ... Read more

Daggers and Men's Smiles

By Jill Downie

On the English Channel Island of Guernsey, Detective Inspector Ed Moretti and his new partner, Liz Falla, investigate vicious attacks on Epicure Films. The international production company is shooting a movie based on British bad-boy author Gilbert Ensor’s bestselling novel ... Read more

Fifth Son

By Barbara Fradkin

Winner of the Crime Writers of Canada Award for Best Crime Novel
Inspector Green probes for family secrets that someone wants to keep buried. matter the cost.

Accident or suicide? That’s the simple question put to Inspector Michael Green when a derelict stranger falls ... Read more

Gold Digger

By Vicki Delany

Book One of the Klondike Mystery Series by Vicki Delany!

It’s the spring of 1898, and Dawson, Yukon Territory, is the most exciting town in North America. The great Klondike Gold Rush is in full swing and Fiona MacGillivray has crawled over the Chilkoot Pass determined to make ... Read more

Honour Among Men

By Barbara Fradkin

?Winner of the Crime Writers of Canada Award for Best Crime Novel
While investigating a drowning, Inspector Green uncovers a decade-old military secret someone is desperate to keep hidden.

Inspector Green is coping with an office job, still eager to get back into the day-to-day ... Read more

Loose Ends

By Don Easton

Jack Taggart, an undercover Mountie, lives in a world where the good guys and the bad guys change places in a heartbeat. Taggart is very good at what he does. Too good to be playing by the rules, so the brass assign a new partner to spy on him.

Taggart’s new partner discovers ... Read more

Mist Walker

By Barbara Fradkin

In this gripping mystery for fans of Louise Penny and Michael Connelly, Inspector Green becomes obsessed with a former teacher’s mysterious disappearance.

Innocent scapegoat or monster manipulator? Matthew Fraser was an idealistic young teacher accused of molesting a young ... Read more

Once Upon a Time

By Barbara Fradkin

In this second tightly paced police procedural in the award-winning series, Inspector Green is drawn into a case with a suspicious link to the past.

When an old man dies a seemingly natural death in a parking lot, only Inspector Michael Green finds it suspicious. A search of ... Read more