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Elizabeth of Bohemia

By David Elias


A sweeping, cinematic novel about the life of the Winter Queen, Elizabeth Stuart

October 1612. King James I is looking to expand England’s influence in Europe, especially among the Protestants. He invites Prince Frederic of the Palatinate to London and offers him his sixteen-year-old ... Read more

Flame Out

By Michael Delisle
Translated by Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo

A portrait of a violent father and an homage to poetry.

When Michael Delisle was a boy growing up in Montreal’s South Shore neighbourhood of Ville Jacques-Cartier, his "uncles" – in other words, his father's friends – never said "gun" but rather "piece" or "rod" or more ... Read more

Gone but Still Here

By Jennifer Dance

As her recent memories fade, Mary lives increasingly in the past — returning to the secrets of her turbulent interracial love story.

Coming to terms with advancing dementia, Mary has no choice other than to move into her daughter’s home. Her daughter, Kayla, caught between ... Read more

Here Goes Nothing

By Eamon McGrath


Named a Fall 2020 Best Indie Read by the Globe and Mail

From Eamon McGrath, award-winning musician and author of the widely acclaimed Berlin-Warszawa Express, comes a smart and gritty novel that explores the lives of touring musicians

Here Goes Nothing, Eamon McGrath’s brave ... Read more

Lady Franklin of Russell Square

By Erika Behrisch Elce

Spring, 1847, and Lady Franklin is back in London expecting to greet her hero husband, polar explorer Sir John Franklin, upon his triumphant return from the Northwest Passage. But as weeks turn to months, she reluctantly grows into her public role as Franklin's steadfast wife, ... Read more


By Alex Pheby


"A writer possessed of unusual indeed, extraordinary powers. .. Read [Lucia] with your eyes wide open. "—The Guardian

She is about thirty-three, speaks French fluently. . . [she] is gay, sweet and ironic, but she has bursts of anger ... Read more

Man Who Was No One, The

By Hugh Graham

The crowd is howling blood. Awaiting death on the scaffold he wonders what he could possibly have done wrong. Has he been misunderstood as a religious fanatic? Did his chronic suspicion get the better of him? His last tumultuous months pass before his eyes. Above all the last ... Read more

Matisse: The Only Blue

By Laura Marello

Matisse: The Only Blue interweaves scenes from the second half of artist Henri Matisse's life in the south of France (1907-1954), with reflections on his artwork. The work explores: artistic creation and community, love and betrayal, landscape, home and exile, family, and war. ... Read more