About the Author

Allan Safarik


Allan has published nearly 20 books of poetry, and edited untold numbers of others. He's also the author of the memoir Notes From the Outside: Episodes From an Unconventional Life and the co-author of his father's bestselling eco/fishing memoir Bluebacks and Silvberbrights: A Lifetime in the BC Fisheries from Bounty to Plunder. He cofounded Blackfish Press in Vancouver and was the senior editor at Timberholme Press. Swedes' Ferry is his first published book of fiction. Born in Vancouver, Allan Safarik was raised in a commercial fishing family in Vancouver Heights in North Burnaby. He won the 2003 Johm V. Hicks Manuscript Award for Literary Non-Fiction and the 2005 Anne Szumigalski Poetry Award at the Saskatchewan Book Awards for When Light Falls from the Sun.