About the Author

Christopher Gudgeon


Chris Gudgeon&nbspis an author and poet and screenwriter.&nbspHe's contributed to dozens of periodicals, including Playboy, MAD, National Lampoon, Geist, Event, and Malahat Review. He's written seventeen books, from critically acclaimed fiction like Song of Kosovo and Greetings from the Vodka Sea to celebrated biographies of Stan Rogers and Milton Acorn, to a range of popular history on subjects as varied as sex, sexuality, fishing, and lotteries.&nbspGudgeon has more than 150 professional TV and film credits including creating, writing, and producing Gemini-award-winning series Ghost Trackers and&nbspthe documentary, The Trick with the Gun.&nbspIn his varied and spotty career, Gudgeon has worked a variety of jobs across Canada, the United States, and Europe including psychiatric orderly, rent boy, bartender, rock musician, rodeo clown, TV weatherman, and youth outreach worker.&nbspGudgeon, who is bisexual, has been in an open relationship with author/self-help guru Jasper Vander Voorde since 2009. He lives in Los Angeles and British Columbia.