About the Author

Nino Famà


Nino Famà, born in Barcellona P,G, (ME), is the author of two academic books and numerous research articles. His works of fiction include: Il sogno di Toloma (Pellegrini Editore 2017) and L’oceano nel pozzo (Pellegrini 2014) was translated in English, (The Ocean in the Well) by Damiano Pietropaolo and has been published by Guernica Editions (May, 2021). La stanza segreta, Sciascia Editore (2004) came out in English (The Secret Room) translated by Douglas Campbell and Leonard Sbrocchi and published by LEGAS (2008). A collection of short stories, Don Gaudenzio e altre stories, was published in 1996 by Bastogi Editrice italiana.