About the Author

Roewan Crowe


Artist and theorist Roewan Crowe is energized by acts of disruption, transformation and the tactical deployment of self-reflexivity. She has a particular interest in wounded landscapes and questioning what it means to be a queer, feminist settler living in Winnipeg/Turtle Island. Recent work includes: digShift (ongoing), a decolonizing and environmental reclamation project using site specific performance and multichannel installation to explore the shifting layers of at an abandoned gas station; and Queer Grit, a stop-motion animation that asks, "how can you be Queer on the prairies when your dad is John Wayne?" Her scholarly work seeks to open meaningful encounters with art and explore new feminist art practices. Her longstanding community practice is concerned with building engaged feminist/queer/artist communities, and in addressing the reality of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women in Canada. She is an Associate Professor in the Women's and Gender Studies Department at the University of Winnipeg and Co-Director of The Institute for Women's & Gender Studies.