About the Author

Trevor Carolan


Trevor Carolan began writing as a backpacking reporter for The Columbian newspaper while in high school in 1968 and has since visited more than 50 countries. His work includes many books of non-fiction, poetry, and anthologies. He has held a number of senior arts appointments during his career, and was elected municipal councillor in North Vancouver following campaigns on behalf of Indigenous land claims and watershed conservation issues. He received a PhD in International Relations from Bond University, Queensland, for studies in Literature, Ecology, and Ideas of the Sacred in the Global Age. His documentary film Cascadia: The Life and Breath of the World features many distinguished writers and is based on his co-edited Eco-Lit collection of the same title which received a Best American Essays Citation in 2013. His books include Giving Up Poetry: With Allen Ginsberg at Hollyhock; Return to Stillness: Twenty Years with a Tai Chi Master; The Literary Storefront: The Glory Years, Vancouver's Literary Centre 1978-1985; In Formless Circumstance: Poems from the Road & Home; and New World Dharma: Encounters with Buddhist Teachers, Writers, and Leaders. The long-time International Editor of Pacific Rim Review of Books, Carolan reads internationally, frequently with musicians, and is Professor Emeritus at University of the Fraser Valley.