About the Author

Melissa Bull


Melissa Bull is a writer and editor,&nbspas well as a French-to-English translator of fiction, essays, and plays.&nbspShe&nbspis&nbspthe editor of Maisonneuve magazine's "Writing from Quebec" column and&nbsphas published her poetry, essays, articles, and interviews in a variety of publications including Event, Lemon Hound,&nbspsubTerrain, Prism, and Matrix.&nbspHer translation of Nelly Arcan's Burqa de Chair (Burqa of Skin) was published by Anvil Press in 2014, and her collection of poetry,&nbspRue, was published in 2015, also by Anvil. Her translation of Marie-Sissi Labrèche's novel, Borderline, is forthcoming. Originally from Montreal, Melissa currently lives in Norwich, England.