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Michelle Gerster

Michelle Gerster is an American photojournalist, videographer, and ESL educator based in Oakland, California, after living in Oaxaca, Mexico. Her work focuses on social justice in relation to immigration and deportation. Her photojournalism on deportation from the US to Mexico ...

Fiona Dunnett

Fiona Dunnett is a Canadian illustrator based in North Vancouver. She trained extensively as a visual artist and illustrator in BC and drew inspiration from living and working in Oaxaca, Mexico. She has done group and solo exhibitions around Mexico and BC, as well as illustration ...

Ahmad Meree

Ahmad Meree is an actor and playwright. He was born in Aleppo, Syria, and graduated from the Higher Institute of Theatre Arts in Cairo. He has performed in Syria, winning the Best Actor Award in the Central Theatre Festival in Syria (2008). In Egypt, he directed Ionesco's The ...

Writer's Block: Genni Gunn

Author of twelve books, including her most recent Permanent Tourists (Signature Editions), Genni Gunn joins us on the blog—sharing more about her parallel life as a musician, the classical history she carries with her as a result of growing up in Italy, and her restlessness ... Read more

Natalia Hero

Writer and translator Natalia Hero is the author of the novella Hum (2018). Her short fiction and translations have appeared in numerous publications. She lives in Montreal.

Books for Black History Month (and any other month)

In honour of Black History Month, we've put together six reading recommendations from Black authors who share essential stories of struggle, healing and resilience in the face of racism and social injustice.


By Theanna Bischoff

Twenty-nine-year-old Natasha Bell went for an evening jog, just like any other night - except now no one knows where she is. Not her sister, Abby - eighteen, eight months pregnant, and without a game plan. Not her childhood sweetheart, now ex-boyfriend, Greg, an introverted ... Read more

Broke City

By Wendy McGrath

Broke City, the final book in Wendy McGrath's Santa Rosa trilogy, follows young Christine as she edges into self-awareness in the now-vanished Edmonton neighbourhood of Santa Rosa.

Budding with creativity that her working-class parents do not understand, Christine questions ... Read more

Coincidence, or "do not rest your hopes on these vain things that all men desire, but follow the sure road that leads to the highest good"

"He went on at great length about the conspiracy theory he had been formulating in the last week while lying in the dark. All about how the universe was trying to kill him. 
'The universe is trying to kill me.
'The universe is trying to keel everyone, Milton.'"

January 6, 2021 ... Read more

Louise Halfe - Sky Dancer

Louise Bernice Halfe - Sky Dancer was raised on Saddle Lake Reserve and attended Blue Quills Residential School. Her first book, Bear Bones & Feathers, received the 1996 Milton Acorn People's Poetry Award and was a finalist for the Spirit of Saskatchewan Award, the Pat Lowther ...