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Luke Inglis

Born in Malawi, Luke Inglis spent his childhood skipping between British Columbia and Africa. When not lost in the deep woods, he can be found at his day job as a professional book slinger. He lives on the Sunshine Coast in BC with his dog Floyd. Something Drastic is his first ...

Indie Reading Room: Heidi Wicks

This week in the Indie Reading Room is Newfoundland-based author Heidi Wicks whose debut novel Melt (Breakwater Books) is one our top picks this year for anyone looking for a story about friendship growing pains and the ups and downs of being an adult. In the novel, we ... Read more

Where in Canada: Orphans of Empire

Before Vancouver there was Gastown, and before Gastown there was New Brighton, only 5 kilometres east. Set in New Brighton from 1858 to 1885, Orphans of Empire (Touchwood Editions) is a deftly crafted trio of narratives that converge at the site of the New Brighton Hotel ... Read more

In the height of quarantine, I reverted to my teenage self: An essay by Hana Shafi

After a trip to see my grandparents in Dubai was cancelled—a wise decision by my mother—just days before Ontario went into a state of emergency, I opted to stay with my parents in Mississauga during quarantine instead of in my small one bedroom apartment in Toronto. In ... Read more

Indie Reading Room: Mark Sampson

This week's Indie Reading Room features Mark Sampson, author of All the Animals on Earth (Wolsak and Wynn), a satirical post-apocalyptic novel that imagines a world both like and unlike our own that has been severely depopulated simply because people aren't having children ... Read more

In Review: The Week of September 28th

With the chaos of the presidential debates in full swing, we turned our sights to things that soothe us: books! Scroll on to find out what we were up to this week.