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First Fiction Friday: The Death Scene Artist

Our #fridayreads pick is debut fiction from author-editor Andrew Wilmot: The Death Scene Artist (Wolsak and Wynn) is a surrealist spectacle that takes on the obsessive nature of body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria in a wonderfully weird and compelling body horror.

Under the Cover: How to Avoid Huge Ships

The origin story of GG-winning author Julie Bruck's newest  How to Avoid Huge Ships (Brick Books) begins with its title. Below, Julie tells us how a mysterious book with an underground following aka "The Worst Book Ever" became the title of her fourth collection.


Quoted: Peter Norman's Some of Us and Most of You Are Dead

Peter Norman, author of Some of Us and Most of You Are Dead (Wolsak & Wynn), explains the use of the "terminal" in poetry, how this has inspired his work, and the process of wrestling with words to get at the clearest truths.

First Fiction Friday: All of Us in our Own Lives

Today's debut fiction isn't strictly a first novel for author Manjushree Thapa, but her first time as a Canadian author and her first published by a Canadian indie press. A deeply moving novel about the lives of women and girls in Nepal and the ethics of international aid,  ... Read more

Cover Collage: Fowl

In honour of the Thanksgiving long weekend, we've let be-chickened and -turkeyed covers free run all over this Cover Collage. And good news for all of you vegetarians out there: these books are meat- and egg-free.

Under the Cover: Hit the Ground Running

The jumping off point for Mark Burley's parkour-based adventure novel Hit the Ground Running (Blue Moon Publishers) began after a father-daughter afternoon at an art gallery and evolved into a fast-paced young adult novel (and trilogy) about a boy who goes on a mission ... Read more

Poetry in Motion: Reanimations of Catullus in Goodbye Horses

Gaius Valerius Catullus is arguably one of the most infamous ancient Latin poets, but also very much an enigma—even his death is shrouded in mystery. Nathaniel G. Moore's new collection Goodbye Horses (Mansfield Press) revives Catullus' remaining poems painting a vibrant ... Read more

First Fiction Friday: The Higher the Monkey Climbs

Bruce Geddes' The Higher the Monkey Climbs (Now or Never Publishing) finds middle-aged Richard McKitrick in a murder-mystery not of his own making. After his cousin Tony convinces him that his father's death was no accident, Richard begins to question the past in a new light. ... Read more

Chappy Hour: Rum Swizzle + That Light Feeling Under Your Feet

Inspire a tropical feeling with a cruise-worthy rum swizzle punch, inspired by Kayla Geitzler's cruise worker-centred poetry collection  That Light Feeling Under Your Feet, from NeWest Press' poetry imprint Crow Said.

Cover Collage: Forests

Happy day-after-Canada Day! Whether you're traipsing through a forest near you or just stuck at work dreaming about it, we've rounded up seven forested covers for your viewing pleasure.