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Peter Counter

Peter Counter is a prolific television and video game critic, originally from Toronto, who writes about culture and technology in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His essay Saint Tornado-Kick" was published in the 2019 Eos Award-winning anthology Empty the Pews . Peter writes about horror ...

Martha Ostenso

Martha Ostenso was born near Bergen, Norway in 1900, and died at Seattle, Washington in 1963. Ostenso's family immigrated to the midwestern US in 1902, then to Brandon, Manitoba, and later to Winnipeg, where Ostenso completed high school. Before attending University of Manitoba, ...


Edited by Christina Myers

Pop culture stereotypes, shopping frustrations, fat jokes and misconceptions about health are all ways society systemically rejects large bodies. BIG is a collection of personal and intimate experiences of plus-sized women, non-binary and trans people in a society obsessed with ... Read more

Coming Down the Mountain

Edited by Brian Kennedy

A comprehensive look at the 1972 Canada-USSR Hockey series and the way that Canadian mythology has been built around it, including essays on topics such as the impact of the summit series on the development of women's hockey, an analysis of media perspectives from the series ... Read more

Writer's Block: Katia Grubisic

Montreal-based writer and translator Katia Grubisic—whose most recent translations include Daughter of Here and Little Girl Gazelle (Linda Leith Publishing)—sat down Q&A-style with us to chat about her ideal writing day in a pandemic (a forest, water, books), her ... Read more

A Profession of Hope

By Jenna Butler

Winner of the Canadian Authors Association Exporting Alberta Award

Gold Medal for the Green Living category in the Living Now Book Awards

Finalist for the High Plains Book Award for creative nonfiction

"This is not the story of a ready-made farm, complete with generations of history, ... Read more


By Catherine Owen

With her characteristic fearlessness Catherine Owen examines what drives her to write and the influences that shape her writing. From her childhood memories in suburban Vancouver to her willingness to risk all for a glimpse of her muse, the essays in Catalysts allow readers unparalleled ... Read more

Boreal Dragon, The

By Katherine Bitney

Katherine Bitney is in love with her ecosystem. From the boreal forest to her vegetable garden Bitney writes of the beauties of a northern natural world, drawing the reader deeply into the dance of the seasons. But it is not all raindrops and flowers. Bitney also challenges ... Read more

How to Fix your Head

By Lesley Choyce

Whether he is yodelling into construction equipment, or driving his car over thin ice, Lesley Choyce believes that mistakes are what makes life interesting and offer us all a true learning experience. In this hilarious new work, Choyce freely shares his most entertaining misadventures ... Read more

In Grace's Kitchen

By Vince Agro

Pour yourself a glass of red wine and settle in for this collection of stories and recipes from author Vince Agro. Centred around his mother's kitchen table, "from where she steered the family as if the captain of a ship," we learn of his father's butcher shop, collecting dandelions, ... Read more