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Indie Reading Room: Michelle Sylliboy

Kicking off our Indie Reading Room this fall is L'nuk (Mi'kmaq) artist and author Michelle Sylliboy who in her debut collection of poetry  Kiskajeyi: I AM READY (Rebel Mountain Press) preserves the complex L'nuk language, Komqwejwi’kasikl through word art and paired ... Read more

Indie Reading Room: Raye Anderson

Next up in our Indie Reading Room is Raye Anderson, author of  And We Shall Have Snow (Signature Editions), a murder mystery about a local music star who is found murdered during the coldest part of winter in Manitoba's Interlake area. Scroll down for our Q&A with Raye, and ... Read more


By Gil Adamson


?We look away from his open mouth,
look instead at the corn, the crows
floating above the river in their private worries.
Tonight, when we turn in,
the candle will sputter and blow.
Pinched out easily, all flame
gives way to this wide black wing.

— from “Black Wing” ... Read more

Civil and Civic

By Jonathan Bennett


“As accomplished as Jonathan Bennett is at using language, he’s never fussy or precious about it. With his exacting, contemporary voice, part colourful reporter, part reluctant witness, his lines gain their effect by serving experience in the most necessary way possible, ... Read more


By Evie Christie


Gutted, Evie Christie’s powerful and harrowing debut, pulses with the rhythms of life, loss, and love. Energized with the language of now and the wide scope of popular culture, while dwelling in Yeats’ “foul rag and bone shop of the heart” — a world where needs are ... Read more

Blue Pyramids

By Robert Priest


From his first book, The Visible Man (“as fine a first volume of poetry as one is ever likely to read” — the Dalhousie Review), to his most recent, Resurrection In the Cartoon (“passionate, humourous, worldly-wise, kick-ass poetry” — The Vancouver Sun), Robert ... Read more

Echo Gods and Silent Mountains

By Patrick Woodcock


A poetic journal looks at life in a war-torn country

After two years spent in the Kurdish North of Iraq, Patrick Woodcock has returned with his eighth collection of poetry, Echo Gods and Silent Mountains.

Resisting both summary gestures and grief tourism, these poems form a ... Read more

Letter from Brooklyn

By Jacob Scheier


In Letter from Brooklyn, Jacob Scheier examines love, loss, history, identity, protest, and popular culture. At the heart of his new poems is the notion that we understand who we are by where we have been. Here, a confessional voice digs deep into a radical Jewish heritage ... Read more


By Bill Kennedy & Darren Wershler-Henry


you are entirely happy with your poem / you are not happy then there is no charge and your deposit is returned / you are totally satisfied with the outcome / you are a man / you are a little confused / you are entirely happy with your poem / you are not happy then there is ... Read more

Knife Throwing Through Self-Hypnosis

By Robin Richardson


Sexy, irreverent, and inventive

Lovesick Stormtroopers, dowsing Girl Guides, movie stars, pool hustlers, and the mad queen Ranavalona … With Knife Throwing Through Self-Hypnosis, Robin Richardson charts a path through a surreal otherworld that is at once carnal and aerial, ... Read more