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Black and White and Blue

By Dave Thompson


The films that society has termed pornographic movies have been with us for over a century now, since the first flickering kinetoscopes stumbled into life in 1889. Yet beyond a handful of scholarly tracts, and a few glancing references in certain Hollywood histories, there ... Read more

Fresh at Twenty

By Kaitlin Fontana


Fresh at Twenty: The Oral History of Mint Records is first and foremost the story of an independent record label and the people who helped build it. But it’s also the story of a place and time in popular music — Vancouver through the 1990s and 2000s. Mint helped launch ... Read more

Have Not Been the Same (rev)

By Michael Barclay & Ian A.D. Jack


?Published in autumn 2001, Have Not Been the Same became the first book to comprehensively document the rise of Canadian underground rock between the years 1985 and 1995. It was a tumultuous decade that saw the arrival of Blue Rodeo, The Tragically Hip, Sarah McLachlan, Sloan, ... Read more

Kings of Madison Avenue

By Jesse McLean


Mad Men beguiles like a Christmas catalog of all the forbidden vices … a sleek, hard-boiled drama with a soft, satirical core. ” —New York Times

“If this is the future of TV, the future’s looking good. ” — USA Today

Not since a certain mob boss battled anxiety ... Read more

First Fiction Friday: Almost Brave, Sometimes Kind

Katie Bickell's debut novel  Always Brave, Sometimes Kind (Brindle & Glass) is a loving, gritty ode to everyday Albertans through an era of social and political change in the province. Told in a series of interconnected stories that span the cities and rural reaches of the Wild ... Read more

In Review: The Week of September 21st

This week on the blog: the ALU Indie Reading Room, author interviews, a stunning debut, and more. 

Carol Rose Daniels (GoldenEagle)

Carol Rose Daniels (GoldenEagle) is Cree/Dene with roots in Sandy Bay, northern Saskatchewan. She is a published novelist, poet, playwright, visual artist, and musician. She is the author of the award-winning novel Bearskin Diary (2015). A second novel, Narrows of Fear, is forthcoming ...

Writer's Block: Kate Braid

Drawing from her own lifetime of experiences as a construction worker, Kate Braid brings us her newly published collection  Hammer & Nail: Notes of a Journeywoman (Caitlin Press). We welcome Kate to the ALU blog and chat more about how working in construction sparked her ... Read more

Beautiful Books: Forgotten Work

We think you'll agree that book designer Ingrid Paulson's work on Jason Guriel's rock ‘n’ roll cli-fi novel Forgotten Work (Biblioasis) is off the charts: a peek into a time-tripping work of spec fiction, this is a cover that is anything but forgettable. Below, Ingrid ... Read more

Character Study: The Lightning of Possible Storms

Jonathan Ball's  The Lightning of Possible Storms (Book*hug Press) is a collection of short fiction that blends humour, horror, and straight up sci-fi in a multi-faceted literary ride that's pretty perfect for a wonderfully weird trip on the big screen. That's why we collaborated ... Read more