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The Iron Sheik

By The Iron Sheik
With Keith Elliot Greenberg

In the pantheon of legendary WWE antagonists, perhaps none was as reviled as the Iron Sheik. Loathed for his anti-American tirades, the former AAU champion and bodyguard for the Shah of Iran braved riots, death threats, and legal battles during his tumultuous career. Now, the ... Read more

Clockwork Lives

By Kevin J. Anderson & Neil Peart


Some lives can be summed up in a sentence or two. Other lives are epics.

In Clockwork Angels, #1 bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson and legendary Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart created a fabulous, adventurous steampunk world in a novel to accompany the smash Rush concept ... Read more

Ranj Dhaliwal

Ranj Dhaliwal has been warning youth against the dangers of crime and gang life since shortly after his own teen years, and wrote Daaku (2006), which was widely praised for its unique insights into the Indo-Canadian gang culture.

Ranj continues to speak on youth gangs and violence ...

Do-Lit-Yourself: Literary Terrariums

It seems like everyone and their Uncle now has an apartment full of succulents and air plants. It’s no wonder: they’re almost kill-proof – requiring little water – and pretty, besides. In an attempt to green up our HQ and pay homage to some of our favourite books, we’ve ... Read more

Aisha John

Aisha Sasha John is a dancer and poet. She is the author of THOU (BookThug 2014) and The Shining Material (BookThug 2011). She lives in Toronto.

In House: Coach House Books

If you live in Toronto and you love Canadian Literature then you’ve probably heard of Coach House Books. Coach House burst on the scene when Stan Bevington, a young typesetter from Edmonton, purchased a Challenge Gordon platen press with funds earned by selling prints of the ... Read more

Straight Outta CanLit or, A Little Fight Music

Over two years ago, Canadian Book Publishing rap history (you didn't know that was a thing, but it is) was made when  Evan Munday and  Bryan Jay Ibeas spat a  who's who of the lit scene in furious Twitter rhyme battle. In a salute to their enterprise, a way to ... Read more

Seven of the Most Embarrassing Things that Happened during School

In my book series, The Dead Kid Detective Agency, our valiant narrator October Schwartz experiences not only great personal humiliation (after all, her nickname is “Zombie Tramp”), but any number of other more real dangers, like bayonet-wielding history teachers, phone-booth ... Read more