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Wayde Compton

Wayde Compton is the author of two books of poetry, 49th Parallel Psalm (Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize finalist) and Performance Bond. He also edited the anthology Bluesprint: Black British Columbian Literature and Orature. His non-fiction book After Canaan: Essays on Race, Writing, ...

Renée Sarojini Saklikar

Renée Saklikar’s ground-breaking poetry book about the bombing of Air India Flight 182, children of air india, won the Canadian Authors Association Prize for Poetry and was shortlisted for the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize. Her book Listening to the Bees, co-authored with ...

Craig Savel

Craig Savel works as a web developer for a nonprofit organization that does much work in the developing world. His work takes him to interesting places and involves long plane rides where he entertains himself by making up stories that he never writes down. Craig is a former ...

This Week in Book Events: August 24-30

Two great events this week - one Maritime and one Prairie - for you to whet your literary appetites. The sheer number of fall literary events looms on the horizon, so you'd better get back in the habit with one or both of these readings.

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Daniel Tysdal

Daniel Scott Tysdal is the author of two previous books of poetry, The Mourner's Book of Albums and Predicting the Next Big Advertising Breakthrough Using a Potentially Dangerous Method, winner of the ReLit Award for Poetry, the Anne Szumigalski Poetry Award, and the John V. ...

This Week in Book Events: August 31-September 6

Did you know that Thursday is the most literary day of the week? While this isn't true all the time, it certainly is this instalment: with poetry readings and open mic nights, and a "nostalgia Canadiana" at the Art Gallery of Ontario's First Thursday.

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A Year in ALU-Review: Our Top 10 Moments

A year ago today, we announced that we were launching ourselves into literary online space, a final frontier of independent Canadian-only bookselling where no one had gone before. The thing that buoyed us most over this year (other than people buying indie, of course)? Your ... Read more

Poetry in Motion: The Revolving City

The Revolving City: 51 Poems and the Stories Behind Them is a vibrant and diverse collection from a who's who of the west coast poetry scene edited by Wayde Compton and Renée Sarojini Saklikar, published by Anvil Press. The poems assembled here range from the lyric to the ... Read more