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Against Death

Edited by Elee Kraljii Gardiner

Against Death: 35 Essays On Living articulates the personal experiences of each author’s “near-deathness,” utilizing fresh and inventive language to represent what “magical thinking” proposes. These pieces are incisive and articulate, avoiding the usual platitudes, ... Read more

Copperhead Road

By Brad Smith

Summer 1936, Wilkes County, North Carolina during the great depression. The Flagg family resides in the middle of the Appalachia - one of the hardest hit areas in the country. As the depression drags on the Flagg family watch their molasses business decimated. Jedediah, the ... Read more

Brigette DePape

Brigette DePape is a Winnipeg based writer. She studied Creative Writing at The University of Ottawa. She has written three plays for fringe festivals across Canada. Her work explores the themes of healing, sustainability, joy, and love.

Emma Cote

Emma Côté is from a small town in Northern Ontario, where the winters were long but the books were aplenty. As a result, she went on to study journalism, English literature and creative writing and most recently completed a postgraduate certificate in publishing. When Emma ...

I Am Billy the Kid

By Michael Blouin

What if Billy the Kid not only didn't die, but was saved by a woman? History tells us that the short and violent life of William Bonney, better known as Billy the Kid, ended at the hand of Pat Garrett on the moonless night of July 14, 1881. But I Am Billy the Kid tells a different ... Read more


By Eve Joseph

WINNER, 2019 GRIFFIN POETRY PRIZE The poems in this collection reach for something other than truth, the marvelous. Leaves fall out of coat sleeves, Gandhi swims in Burrard Inlet. The poems are like empty coats from which the inhabitants have recently escaped, leaving behind ... Read more


By Madeline Sonik

The award-winning author of Afflictions & Departures turns her kaleidoscopic lens on England in the 1970s in Queasy, a series of linked memoirs. While still grieving her father's death and the end of her first romantic relationship, Madeline Sonik moved with her mother from ... Read more

The Second Detective

By Shannon Mullally

International 3-Day Novel Contest Winner! The Second Detective is a deliriously entertaining reimagining of the hard-boiled detective novel, featuring a mysterious narrator, a missing husband, and a lascivious mountain goat with interspecies interests. Aging beauty Lilah walks ... Read more


By Emma Côté

Winner of the 43rd Annual 3-Day Novel Writing Contest Mortician Mylène Andrews spends her days dealing with death, but has never quite figured out how to live. After her estranged mother passes away, adult-orphaned Mylène sets out in her hearse to see the graveyards her mother ... Read more

Occasionally Petty

By Michelle Lietz

Like lyrics from a rock and roll album, this debut collection of poetry unfolds page-by-page to reveal a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Michelle Lietz grew up listening to the songs of Tom Petty. When the news of his passing was announced, the poet felt a piece ... Read more