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Hands for Language

By Uma Menon

Hands for Language is a groundbreaking poetry collection that expands the dialogue around literary representation. At its core, the collection is a bildungsroman in verse that encompasses postcolonial and diasporic themes. Written by the author at the age of fifteen, Hands for ... Read more

Canadian Pacific

By Barry Lane

The story of Canadian Pacific is one of the greatest stories in the world. Straddling the continent for more than a century and globe for more than fifty years, Canadian Pacific is inextricably linked with the history of Canada itself.

In 1885, the company completed the construction ... Read more

Another Home Invasion

By Joan MacLeod

We, each of us in the civilized Western world, live in a space inviolate. ?Our home is our castle,” as the saying goes: our shelter from the intrusion of the weather and other ?outside influences;” our defence against physical and mental threats, real and imagined, to our ... Read more

Christmas with Maud Lewis

Photographs by Bob Brooks
By Lance Woolaver

Maud Lewis has become one of Canada’s favourite folk artists, and her buoyant winter pictures of nature, pets, farm animals, and people at work and play are among her most charming. Her hands were twisted with arthritis, but Maud earned her living by painting Christmas cards ... Read more

Care Work

By Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Finalist, Judy Grahn Award for Lesbian Nonfiction

In their new, long-awaited collection of essays, Lambda Literary Award-winning writer and longtime disability justice activist and performance artist Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha explores the politics and realities of disability ... Read more

From the Forest to the Sea

Edited by Sarah Milroy & Ian Dejardin

Winner, Canadian Museum Association Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research -- Art

Emily Carr captures the natural and cultural landscapes of British Columbia like no other artist before or after her.

This major volume, designed to accompany an exhibition organized by the ... Read more


By Linda Little

"“This is the story of how you were loved,” Penelope MacLaughlin whispers to her granddaughter. Penelope MacLaughlin marries a miller and gradually discovers he is not as she imagined. Nonetheless she remains determined to make the best of life at the lonely mill up the ... Read more

Double Pregnant

By Natalie Meisner

Girl meets girl. Girl marries girl. They want to have babies … but they need a little help. Double Pregnant is author Natalie Meisner’s light-hearted, poignant and informative true story of two lesbians who want to have children. For a variety of reasons, one being that ... Read more

Insatiable Machine

By Zoë Robertson & Jesse Life


Wave goodbye to the American dream.

Just a heartbeat into the future, America is being dragged to its knees by social unrest and economic inequality. The furious pace of technological advancement has made medicine capable of near-miracles but has also enabled the widespread ... Read more

Live from the Afrikan Resistance!

By El Jones


Live from the Afrikan Resistance! is the first collection of spoken word poetry by Halifax’s fifth Poet Laureate, El Jones. These poems speak of community and struggle. They are grounded in the political culture of African Nova Scotia and inherit the styles and substances ... Read more