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By Rachel Thompson

'Galaxy' is about a wounded family, a prairie place, love that is queer and conventional, longing and loss, and a light shone into dark corners. ' Galaxy' is "emotional biography", as Margaret Laurence called it, where the facts are fabricated, but the feelings are authentic. ... Read more

I Could Have Pretended to Be Better Than You

By Jay MillAr
Edited by Tim Conley
Introduction by Tim Conley

Spanning more than 25 years, I Could Have Pretended to Be Better Than You gathers work from three distinct eras of Jay Millar's development as a poet: the wonder years of the 1990s culled from a variety of self-published micropress publications, most of which are hiding in special ... Read more

I Can Hear You, Can You Hear Me?

By Nolan Natasha

Intimate, nostalgic, and surprising, the poems in I Can Hear You, Can You Hear Me? spark connections that alter trajectory and carry lasting resonance. Encounters across phone lines, over drinks, through walkie-talkies, and unspoken recognitions between queer bodies fill this ... Read more


By Karen Hines

‘I used to want a black enamel farmhouse sink. Now, I just want shelter. ’

From acclaimed playwright Karen Hines come two darkly comic meditations on security, safety, and shelter.

Crawlspace is a comic, Kafkaesque monologue about the darker side of home ownership that moves ... Read more


By Nicole Brossard
Translated by Angela Carr

something like wait for me
in the braille of scars
tonight can i suggest a little punctuation
circle half-moon vertical line of astonishment
a pause that transforms
light and breath  
into language and threshold of fire

Even as vowels tremble in danger and worldly destruction repeats ... Read more

Assdeep In Wonder

By Christopher Gudgeon

Assdeep in Wonder is a collection of new poems that explore the idea of identity in a myriad of contexts: personal, sexual, cultural, national, literary, and poetic. The poems are raw and immediate, exploring themes of addiction, sexuality, loss, love, and wonder in equal measures. ... Read more

Bounce House

By Jennica Harper

Bounce House is a collection of small containers for the uncontainable. Restrained in form but not feeling, Harper's fourth book explores the cyclical nature of grief, imperfect parenting, and our willingness to jump without promise of a safe landing. Measured and meticulously ... Read more

Common Place

By Sarah Pinder

Common Place explores the stories of shifting, resilient bodies and landscapes bound by systems of capital and power. From thin threads of text messages across borders to encounters with strangers in the crush of rush-hour transit, Sarah Pinder names our most private and public ... Read more

Dear Leader

By Damian Rogers

I'm ill-equipped
Ã?  Ã?  for this. I sit
Ã?  Ã?  Ã?  Ã?  by a fake fireplace

that frames a real flame.
Ã?  Ã?  I've been crossed
Ã?  Ã?  Ã?  Ã?  by two crows today.

'Multi-vectored, Rogers's poems hum with life and tension, their speaker poised as mother, ... Read more

Foreign Park

By Jeff Steudel

Foreign Park situates itself in an epoch where prior assurances of the natural world's solidity begin to slip. Poisons enter the Fraser River Basin. An oil slick approaches by night engulfing a fishing vessel, leaving its captain in open waters. Page after page, Foreign Park ... Read more