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Mixtape: Fake It So Real

Guest DJ-ing this edition of Mixtape is author Susan Sanford Blades who made us a bangin' playlist to pair with her debut novel  Fake it so Real (Nightwood Editions), about the fallout from a punk-rock lifestyle and its effect on the subsequent generations of one family. Scroll ... Read more

Field Trip: A Novice's Ode to the Frankfurt Book Fair

It’s easy to believe—from their perch on your bookshelves and on bedside tables – that books live a quiet little life, keeping time and company with the sunbeams, shadows, and dust motes. The truth is they have a very full life before they make it into your hands and your ... Read more

Army of the Brave and Accidental

By Alex Boyd

A genre-bending retelling of The OdysseyArmy of the Brave and Accidental is a modern fable: a story about relationships, parenthood, and trying to have an impact on the world told from the shifting perspectives of ten characters. A hundred years after James Joyce stitched ... Read more

Cop House

By Sam Shelstad

Cop House is a short story collection about people desperately trying to recapture--or replace--the things they've lost. There are secret vacations, library book fetishes, women who participate in "fully-clothed, free-form touching and explorative play experiences" in exchange ... Read more


By Madeline Sonik

We are mesmerized, enthralled. A young, armless girl, tangled in the brutal arrowhead wire of glistening ivy, stares with dead eyes. If I had arms, I would embrace my shaking body. I would lift my hands to my face, cover my eyes, hold the aching scream in my mouth.

Combining ... Read more

In the Beggarly Style of Imitation

By Jean Marc Ah-Sen

Born on the twin backs of torpidity and obsession, In the Beggarly Style of Imitation is a voyage into the mind of one of the Canadian literary underground’s most unruly writers. Equal parts tribute to the historical genesis of the novel and the well-trodden subject of love, ... Read more

Difficult People

By Catriona Wright

Manipulators, liars, egomaniacs, bullies, interrupters, condescenders, ice queens, backstabbers, hypocrites, withholders, belligerents, self-deceivers, whiners, know-it-alls, nitpickers: these are some of the characters you’ll encounter in the collection of stories, Difficult ... Read more

Dead Flowers

By Alex Laidlaw

An anonymous writer stays up late into the night penning personal and inappropriate letters to a local public official. A new father and cook at a Montreal café chronicles the tyrannical rise of a new manager. An eccentric young student, in trying to carve out a space for herself, ... Read more

Bone Black

By Carol Rose GoldenEagle

There are too many stories about Indigenous women who go missing or are murdered, and it doesn’t seem as though official sources such as government, police or the courts respond in a way that works toward finding justice or even solutions. At least that is the way Wren StrongEagle ... Read more