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Asp of Ascension

By B.R. Myers

Nefertari "Terry" Hughes has three rules for surviving high school: 1. Don't attract attention. 2. Don't get involved. 3. Don't make trouble. A year after the accident that left her disabled and took her mother's life, sixteen-year-old Terry just wants to keep her head down ... Read more

Diadem of Death

By B.R. Myers

Nefertari "Terry" Hughes is looking forward to spending the school break with her boyfriend, but when her archaeologist father announces he's working on a project that will take him to Egypt, all hopes of having a romantic summer are buried. Terry accompanies her father to Alexandria ... Read more

Flow Like Water

By Mark Burley

"Run, Eric--go as far as you can as fast as you can. I will find you."Eric Bakker's search isn't over. The conspiracy revealed by his parents' research goes deeper than he could have imagined, into a place and an organisation with as much history--and secrecy--as any in the ... Read more

Flow Like Water

By Mark Burley

"Eric--Mom and Dad are gone. I don't know what happened, but I'm going to find out."Eric might not be getting along with his family--or anyone else, for that matter--but he's pretty sure a boarding school in another country isn't the answer. Skilled in parkour, running helps ... Read more

Ghost Boys

By Shenaaz Nanji

Fifteen-year-old Munna lives with his Ma and sisters in a small town in India. Determined to end his family's misfortunes, he is lured into a dream job in the Middle East, only to be sold. He must work at the Sheikh's camel farm in the desert and train young boys as jockeys ... Read more

Medallion of Murder

By B.R. Myers

Still struggling with nightmares from the past summer, Terry tries to bury her secret guilt and enjoy her family's first Christmas in Devonshire. But when a murdered man is found with a postcard addressed to her, Terry fears the repercussions from that fateful night in Egypt ... Read more

Rank 6

By Barry McDivitt

The terror of fire is known to all but when fire erupts into its most terrifying form, Rank 6, mayhem and death are often not far behind. So the question is: Why would someone willingly approach an inferno that swirls with fireballs and whirls with temperatures that can reach ... Read more

Stranger in the Shadows

By Raymond McGregor

Now that Owen has successfully defeated the dragon Kalureth and rid the village of his terror, Owen and Uthgar face an even greater challenge. The Dwarves are reunited with their home in the mountains, but not everyone is open to sharing life with the Humans inhabiting the land. ... Read more

The Adventures of Radisson 2

By Martin Fournier

The next installment in the series, this book follows the young, 17th-century explorer Pierre-Esprit Radisson from North America to France and back, with plenty of excitement along the way
After spending two years with his new Iroquois family, Radisson escapes and sails across ... Read more

The Call of the Rift: Crest

By Jae Waller


Step through the portal into a world ravaged by chaotic spirits and corrupted magic in the third book of The Call of the Rift high fantasy series.

Kateiko Rin lives a quiet life with her parents and her people in the coastal rainforest. Everything changes when her estranged ... Read more