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Crime and Policing in Maritime Canada

By Peter McGahan

Fascinating accounts of criminal and police life in major centres of the Maritimes. These are very human narratives of what policing meant in different places and at different times from the 1830s to the 1960s.

Smuggler’s Blues

By Jay Carter Brown

Told from the viewpoint of an impressionable young entrepreneur named Jay Carter Brown, this memoir quicklydives into the gritty underbelly of the international drug trade. The story begins with minor league smuggling scams between Canada and the Caribbean that soon escalate ... Read more

The “Mr. Big” Sting

By Mark Stobbe


How the police create an imaginary criminal gang to trick homicide suspects into a confession and a prison cell

There are people in prison who got away with murder until they told the boss of a powerful criminal gang all about it. When the handcuffs were snapped on, the killers ... Read more

The Biker Trials

By Paul Cherry

Reveals the inside story of the biker culture and the biker trials of the Quebec-chartered Nomad group of the Hell's Angels.

The Donnellys: Massacre, Trial and Aftermath, 1880–1916

By John Little


A story made all the more shocking because it’s true.

In 1880, an organized mob of the Donnellys’ enemies murder four family members and burn their house to the ground. Another sibling is shot to death in a house a short distance away. William Donnelly and a teenage boy ... Read more

The Donnellys: Powder Keg, 1840–1880

By John Little


A violent family living in violent times.

In the 1840s, the Donnelly family immigrates from Ireland to the British province of Canada. Almost immediately problems develop as the patriarch of the family is sent to the Kingston Penitentiary for manslaughter, leaving his wife ... Read more

The Murders That Made Us

By Bob Calhoun


The 170-year history of the San Francisco Bay Area told through its crimes and how they intertwine with the city’s art, music, and politics

In The Murders That Made Us, the story of the San Francisco Bay Area unfolds through its most violent and depraved acts. From its earliest ... Read more

The Trauma Beat

By Tamara Cherry


A groundbreaking and thorough examination of the trauma caused by the media covering crimes, both to victims and journalists, from a respected journalist and victim advocate

In The Trauma Beat, an eye-opening combination of investigative journalism and memoir, former big-city ... Read more