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Nobody Rides for Free

By John Francis Hughes

Nobody Rides For Free: A Drifter in the Americas chronicles former bike courier John Hughes' rambles through Latin America on a bicycle. In this gripping mosaic-travellogue, readers are introduced to banditos, artists, grifters, would-be wives, dope fiends and attacking monkeys: ... Read more

Road Trips

By Trevor Carolan

Trevor Carolan’s eagerness for encountering faraway peoples and places equals Paul Theroux’s excitement when he hits the road again in To the Ends of the Earth .

Veteran globe-trotter Trevor Carolan conjures 19 evocative road tales for armchair and seasoned travellers alike. ... Read more


By Anik See

Beside me, on the stone steps of this quiet courtyard, there is a lame man – the sweeper. He is so thin that the end of his belt comes back around to its buckle. He’s trying to feed a puppy the rest of his lunch. He reminds me that we all need something to need us, and that ... Read more

Shopping Cart Pantheism

By Jeanne Randolph

Glorifying consumerism as the de facto religion of our time, Shopping Cart Pantheism offers a preposterous yet challenging invitation to participate in commodity worship. As our narrator meanders the Las Vegas Strip, its sites and monuments become examples of Christian sainthood, ... Read more

South Away

By Meaghan Marie Hackinen

South Away follows Meaghan Marie Hackinen and her sister in the adventure of a lifetime: bicycling from Terrace, BC down the West Coast to (almost) the tip of the Baja Peninsula. Along the way Hackinen battles with the elements in Vancouver Island's dense northern forests and ... Read more

Swimming with Turtles

By Doug Beardsley

This book is moving and true. Mexico begins with the shock of dislocation, entry into "the exotic"; Caribbean Odyssey feels like a darker and more troubled grappling with spirit and place (and the Bolden references are terrific.) In the third movement the traveler feels more ... Read more


By Genni Gunn

Tracks is a compilation of personal travel essays that range across three continents: from Italy, where Genni Gunn was born and spent her early years, to Canada and Mexico, and through Asia, where she has travelled many times, both reconnecting with her sister and witnessing ... Read more